Gulp Drink & Draw (Dine) with Flic Review by Wallis Brown

Art comes in many forms, at varying skill levels and with sometimes extremely different points of views. The night that Gulp gave us, was definitely all of this and its art form was the most surprising of all!

I wasn’t sure what to expect upon receiving the invite, all I knew was that I was able eat while I attempted to draw.

The special edition of Drink & Draw (Dine) with Flic event was located in the jewellery quarter, by Kaye the founder of Gulp and hosted by Flic (@kayewinwoodprojects) (@drink_and_draw_flic). The space was perfect with it’s artsy wallpaper and intimate room, that consisted of a table filling the snug setting with 10 of us.

The surface was covered with paper and different objects inspired by other artists, for us to take our own inspiration from. I was unsure of my ability to sketch anything worth framing, however, to my luck and glee, the other participants were beginners just like me.

I felt accepted by all, encouraged and motivated.

Flic ran the event, guiding us through the table decor we were trying to recreate. From the pile of supposed rubbish, which was actually delicious food in the shape of not so delicious looking items. Like chewed up gum, dirt and rotting apples, to bread and cheese, fruit and ornaments to stage the table.

It was a very fun and creative concept, which all participants found fascinating and were all completely involved.

We had timed exercises, like drawing with our non dominant hand, sketching whilst not looking at the page, drawing from memory and using pens, coloured pencils, pastels and even using the food in front of us as tools.

The art it’s self wasn’t the only pleasant part of the night, as everyone attending chatted away about their own interests and we all got to know one another, laugh and just generally really enjoy the company of strangers.

From a discussion about some extremely cute but tiny terror cats, to photography and even singing happy birthday to one of the delightful ladies I met that night. We arrived as strangers and left laughing with friendly rapport and smiles on our faces.

Most the time when attending an event, you are in your own group and seated with just them. But not here, we all sat at the same table creating with each other. It was an enjoyable experience, which was very much out of my comfort zone, but ended up being a lovely added touch to the evening.

As mentioned, a birthday group were present so Felicity and Kaye kindly popped a candle in a doughnut and we all sang happy birthday, it was a very thoughtful gesture and showed just how genuinely amazing these hosts are.

After eating the items I was drawing with, and laughing at, my own work, but being extremely impressed with others. I found the whole experience brilliant. Especially as I was not accompanied by anyone I know, I felt accepted by all, encouraged and motivated.

An incredible night out, that I couldn’t recommend more! I would absolutely love to do another one, and I know that although I am fine to go alone, I would really love to take a friend to experience it with them also.

Words and Photos by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham