Seventh Circle to release brand-new collection of work by Worcester-based artist, Sleepsparrow!

On Thursday 18th August, Seventh Circle – Artworks & Aesthetics Moseley, will release a brand-new collection of work by Worcester-based artist, Sleepsparrow, also known as Sophie Chadwick.

Her latest series, ‘An Emerging Heaven’, consists of three striking paintings created during a difficult time for Sophie. She was losing her Grandad to dementia, after a long battle with the condition. Sophie was incredibly close to him, not just because he was her grandad; there was, and still is an authentic, profound connection between them.

In ‘An Emerging Heaven’, Sophie toys with the idea of light versus dark, with her ingenious use of bold block colour and black and white optical illusion. Twisting her previous upbeat Portal series on its head, she creates paths that lead nowhere – or maybe somewhere, maybe the end?

Just before Sophie lost her Grandad, she says that ‘I could feel the pull of the universe trying to tear him away from me. ‘An Emerging Heaven’ is a visual interpretation of those moments and is dedicated to Frank Lock 1934-2022

For us, the series illustrates that losing someone close to you will turn your world upside down, but, with time, a memory of them can bring them back for a brief divine moment. You can sit and bask in their light and colour and that way, for you, they are never really gone.

The collection will be on display in the gallery from Thursday 18th August as well as being available to purchase via the website,

Private View

Saturday 20th August, between 6pm and 9pm

To RSVP please contact gallery by email,