How a Bay Window Can Transform a Room

The type of window you have can greatly impact the feel of a room. Big windows, small windows, decorative ones, practical ones… they all have different qualities and provide a unique look to a room.

Bay windows are one of the best options for transforming a space. If you are wondering exactly why that is, then look no further.

1. Lots of Light

Bay Windows allow lots of natural light to filter into a room which easily brightens it up. Exposure to natural sunlight can increase your mood, so why wouldn’t you maximise the amount of available exposure in your home?

You can also save energy and money on your electricity bill with all of the extra lighting that comes with having bay windows. They are able to fully light up a space just as a main lighting fixture would, so the savings can be big.

2. Better Airflow

Many windows look as equally nice as bay windows, but not all of them are as practical.

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you will need lots of ventilation to keep the air fresh and breathable. Bay windows consist of multiple windows, and of these, the side ones can be opened to provide great airflow. You can therefore have windows that look beautiful and keep the air flowing well too!

3. Creates a Nook

The fantastic thing about bay windows is that they create a nook inside the room. This cosy corner is perfect for curling up in to read a book or watch TV, all while being surrounded by the natural light that comes pouring in.

Bay windows create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere that you will feel right at home in.

4. Energy Efficient

One of the most important aspects of windows is that they are draught-proof and are able to keep heat in during the winter — bay windows are able to do this fantastically well. This type of window can be made and tailored to fit your home perfectly, which means there won’t be any room for gaps that can lead to heat loss.

You can also decorate a bay window with a thick curtain to help trap the heat in even further!

5. Illusion of Space

Bay windows, by design, push the window outward which creates more space in the room and opens it up completely. Even the smallest of rooms can feel much more open and breathable when you install a bay window. The space the window creates is a perfect spot for the sofa and it will give you more overall space in the room to live in.

Bay windows are the perfect addition to a room, be it a bedroom or a living room. For a cosy, welcoming and decorative style of window, the bay window is certainly the best choice.

With so many different designs to choose from within the bay window style, there are plenty of opportunities to add some great character to your home.