How Essay Writing Skills Can Help in Writing Blog

A blogger is the most popular profession of our time. Everyone has a profile on the social network, and you just have to make it more informative and take simple steps to promote it. But is it easy to become a blogger? What do you need to become a successful blogger? Today, we, together with the essay writing service EssayShark, have prepared an article where you will learn how essay writing skills can help you write a blog.

Who Is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who talks about events. This is a kind of micro-media, which not only report, but also evaluate, give advice, and share their experiences. The relevance of this type of information is now at the peak of popularity — people need truth and reality. Bloggers show it all, satisfying the interest of subscribers.

In addition, bloggers try all the novelties of the beauty industry, live in different circumstances, experience a wide range of emotions, which can be tracked, make the necessary conclusions for themselves and get a unique experience without much cost and effort.

How to Become a Blogger?

Perhaps just a few simple steps separate you from your dream job:

⦁ Register on any social network (or several).

⦁ Choose the theme of your blog.

⦁ Start broadcasting.

But remember, a successful blogger is working hard on his or her project. This includes content planning, work with photo editing, and regular photoshoots. All content should not only be interesting and easy to perceive, but it should also attract the public visually. Bright photos of good quality, preferably in the same style, are in the trend, do not forget about it. A considerable role in perception plays not only the visual component but also the content. You will agree that it is nice to watch a beautiful picture, of course, but only for a couple of weeks. If the wrapper does not hide anything useful or the information is presented in an incomprehensible form with a bunch of mistakes, followers will unsubscribe from such a blogger without hesitation.

Writing Essay vs. Writing a Blog

It may seem that writing an essay has nothing in common with blogging. However, that is one of the main misconceptions. In addition to practicing some general photo and video editing skills, learning the fundamentals of coding, social media marketing, and marketing in general, you also have to master your language. We are not talking about using sophisticated vocabulary — everything should be based on the needs of your target audience. However, when you know the essentials of writing a good essay, you will face no difficulties in creating excellent content. After all, both these texts are pieces of creative writing. Let’s review the steps and components of writing a good essay:

  • Think of the title of your essay. It will provide food for reflection and encourage you to write the first sentence. Writing the first sentence is the most challenging task.
  • Make a plan that you will follow in writing your essay. It will help you present your thoughts in a structured way.
  • Think about the quotes you might use in your essay. They will give the piece some originality and aphoristic character.
  • If you want to change the structure of your essay while you are writing it, do it without hesitation. Writing an essay is creative work, and there are no strict rules for doing it.
  • Try to find factual material, statistics that will give your essay credibility.
  • Write honestly, frankly, emotionally, keep your individuality in essay writing.
  • Use literary means to make your essay interesting: give analogies and parallels, use epithets, metaphors, symbols, allegories, comparisons, and associations. Imagery and aphorism should be your main help in writing your essay. Try not to make sentences too long and full of different punctuation marks and unnecessary synonymic rows.
  • Remember that the essay should be dynamic. The narrative in an essay cannot be monotonous and predictable. Use unexpected plot moves and original clutches. Let the conclusions you draw from your story be logical and predictable only for you.
  • Once the work is done, carefully check it for all sorts of mistakes — spelling, punctuation, lexical. A competent presentation of your thoughts is half of your success in writing an essay.

If you put “a blog post” instead of “an essay”, you will see that it’s almost the same. It takes similar efforts to write a catchy post that attracts new followers and feedback. If you face troubles while working on a new textual for your social network, you just have to think of it as a college essay and follow the same guides. The professor is your audience, while the grade is the comments and feedback.