Best Places to Hang Out in Birmingham for Humans and Their Canine Companions

Going out to pubs and restaurants is part of the British culture, so you should expect millions of people indulging in this social activity at every hour of the day and night, all-year-round. Unfortunately, not many establishments are pet-friendly, which makes dog owners limit their choices when it comes to eating out and spending quality time with their friends and family.

Although this professional review can tell you all about the best organic food choices for your pet, sometimes you feel like taking your barking friend with you out for a snack. So, if you happen to visit Birmingham and you’re looking for a place to have a snack where your canine companion is welcomed too, here is a list with the best stops that need a visit.

The Physician

After spending a nice afternoon in the park, playing with your pooch, you both deserve a place where you can chill and recharge your batteries before heading home. The Physician is one of the most recommended locations in Birmingham by all animal lovers as the atmosphere is great and there are plenty of yummy things on the menu specifically designed for dogs.

The pub is located next to the breathtaking riverside footpath and represents the perfect place to stop for a pint. Pets are more than welcome and there are plenty of snacks and biscuits waiting for them at the bar which will keep them busy and satisfied while you’re enjoying your cold beer.

Rose Villa Tavern

You can find this awesome pub on Warstone Lane and the interior is perfect for chilling after a long day at the office. People of all ages come here and four-legged companions are more than welcome, both on the pavement terrace and inside the pub.

You won’t find snacks and treats for your pooch but you can order a bowl of water for it while you’re sipping on your cocktail or a cold beer. Expect Victorian tiles, beautifully ornate glass windows, and a long menu of sophisticated cocktails and craft beers to choose from.

As for the food, the pub’s menu was inspired by the traditional American diner, so you should look for chicken wings, subs, hot dogs, burgers, cobb salad or the famous mac ’n’ cheese.

Digbeth Dining Club

This place not only welcomes dogs but encourages owners to take their special pets with them. It is arguably the place where you’ll taste the best street food in Europe and, what’s more important, there are plenty of delicious treats for your pooch as well. You can order a special menu to share with your dog as long as it contains natural ingredients that won’t harm it.

Stay away from spiced and seasoned foods if your pet is known for craving your food.

The Prince of Wales

If you’re looking for a place where you can celebrate your pet’s birthday while also inviting friends and family members, the Prince of Wales is the perfect location. The establishment hosts an annual dog celebration and you can rest assured there will be plenty of foods and drinks to try, both for animals and their human companions.

You can even order in and have your favorite snacks for you and your beloved four-legged pet served in the comfort of your home or backyard.

El Borracho de Oro

OK, the name does suggest you might enjoy the experience while tipsy or drunk but we can guarantee you’re looking at a full night of fun and delicious food.

Located next to Morrisons 5Ways, this place gets extra points for its dog-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy some of the restaurant’s famous tapas and a wide array of other Mexican-inspired dishes. You can even order a full meal for your pup and spend some quality time bonding over food.

Wayland’s Yard

If you’re near Bull Street looking for a place to have brunch or a delicious cup of coffee, you need to step inside Wayland’s Yard. The minimalist architecture is different from what you would expect in a British location but it’s refreshing and welcoming at the same time.

It is the perfect place to serve brunch classics all day long and it is suitable for dogs too. And, if you’re lucky enough, you may even meet the owner’s spaniel, Kobe.