How to Add Catholic Decor to Baby’s Nursery

Decorating a baby’s nursery can be so much fun! If it’s your first baby, it’s all the more exciting. You’ll want that nursery to shine with the love you feel for your baby-to-be. Of course, you’ll want all the cute little things like a musical mobile for over the crib and a nightlight that shines little stars on the ceiling. You’ll want teddy bears and hearts and everything soft and cuddly. However, you’ll also want some Catholic décor because you want your baby to grow up in the faith. It’s the same faith you’ve always known and as a “cradle Catholic” yourself, you come from a long line, generations, of Catholics as far back as anyone can count. So then, how can you fit a few Catholic baby things into your plan? That’s a very good question but not really as difficult as you might imagine!

Finders Keepers

The real problem might be where to find a huge selection of things you can choose from. It’s not like in grandma’s day when there were religious stores on every corner, or so it seemed. However, it is the day of the internet and if you find a store you like, it’s one you’ll want to keep in your favourites folder for sure. You are looking for a store where you can find everything from baby angels to First Communion gifts along with everything that you’ll need to continue reinventing that room as they grow. Unless you are willing to drive long distances, it might just be that those online stores are going to be your best solution. If you find one, bookmark it immediately! Remember, finders’ keepers.

A Few Suggestions

For sure, you will want the Infant of Prague and the Blessed Mother with the Infant Jesus. These can be found in little statues and images that can be placed on shelves you’ve hung on the wall or on top of baby’s dresser. There are some cute little pieces you might be able to find such as an Angel of God plaque that can easily sit on a shelf or be hung on a wall. Perhaps a little clock with a baby cherub on it. There are so many little religious baby items in a variety of colours but again, it’s finding religious stores that carry them.

Last, But Never EVER Least!

You will also want a crucifix to hang over the door. Call it superstition if you will but for as long as Catholics have been Catholic, they have hung a crucifix over the door of various rooms in the home, as well as any doors leading to the outside world. While nonbelievers call it superstition, Catholics know that by keeping the faith, they ward off the effects of evil in their lives. Everyone suffers, but a life filled with faith makes it possible to keep their eyes trained on the beauty that is life gifted from God above and redeemed for us by Jesus the Christ. That’s what you want for your baby – a life filled with hope in the goodness of God. So, don’t forget to bless the room and hang that lovely sign of faith over baby’s door.