How To Balance Your Professional & Personal Life As A Doctor In Training

As you will already be fully aware, training to become a qualified and professional medical doctor is one of the most high-pressure and academic routes to take of any pathways within the medical profession. It is often reported, from both current doctors in training as well as from working doctors, that it can be incredibly difficult to successfully balance one’s professional and personal life.

With that in mind, here are some top tips and pieces of advice that may well help you to address the balance between the two and make for a more satisfying and complete work/life balance.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

The ability to effectively and efficiently prioritize is exceedingly beneficial to both your professional and personal life and will result in you having more valued time to spend with your loved ones outside of work, as well as making your working life significantly more efficient and altogether productive.

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Learn How To Say No! And Mean It!

You will quickly feel burnt and overwhelmed if you continue to agree to every single request and plea for help imaginable, especially from friends and family members who have no possible way of understanding the nuances and details of working as a medical doctor.

Avoid Procrastination At All Costs

Procrastination is one of the worst traits when it comes to being a professional and practicing medical doctor, although it can sometimes be hard to train oneself to get out of such a habit, especially when it has been an intrinsic part of your personality for some time.

Being a doctor means making split decisions that can have wholly clear, immediate, and far-reaching effects, and the ability to change your procrastinating ways can only be a positive thing.

Practice Self-Care Wherever & Whenever Possible

Self-care is absolutely crucial for any working professional, as indeed anyone at all, but when it comes to doctors and other members of the medical profession, it is more important than ever before.

Always attempt to take even just a few minutes in the morning to practice meditation and deep breathing to relax and calm yourself.

Bond & Communicate With Other Members of Your Team

There is a wide plethora of benefits to forming strong connections, bonds, and even forming friendships with your colleagues, not least the flexibility you will be afforded at work and the opportunity to help each other out wherever and whenever needed.

Small changes to strengthen the bonds within your immediate team include exuding, where possible, a positive attitude, being open, genuine, and honest, and allowing your workmates to see the real you, always endeavor to remember every single colleague’s name even if you don’t see them often at work and also try to get to know them outside of work.