A Comprehensive Guide To Fire Health & Safety In Commercial Business Premises

If you are either solely or part of a team that is responsible for the fire safety regulations and health and safety requirements and legalities of your commercial or business premises, then you will already be all too aware of the severity and importance of completing each and every task and ticking each proverbial box every single time.

Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to fire health and safety in commercial business premises and how you can improve the current systems you have in place.

The Importance Of Fire Safety Management

Developing a comprehensive and detailed fire safety management plan is of absolute paramount importance for any business, regardless of size or industry, but especially when you are in charge of a commercial business premises.

Essentially, a top-quality fire safety management plan clearly details how, when, and where you review, implement, monitor, and control the highest possible standards of fire safety and also how you currently and plan to improve the maintenance of such standards.

Fire safety management is the epitome of good business ownership and running and begins with a comprehensive fire risk assessment that you are legally obliged to thoroughly complete.

Fire Risk Assessments Explained

Essentially, there are two fundamental elements to a fire risk assessment, namely the identifying of all potential fire hazards and then the active reduction of all these potential fire hazards that are likely to cause serious problems and harm, either to the building or more important the occupants within.

The importance of completing regular fire risk assessments should never be underestimated, and to incorrectly design your assessment or else forget or neglect to complete it can result in issues, damages, and even fatalities in some cases.

The Essential Components Of A Fire Safety Procedure

Every single one of your employees must be provided, informed, and sufficiently trained in everything related to fire safety and fire evacuation procedures, and you building should undergo extensive ductwork fire damper testing by reputable professionals like Dakro.

There are extensive and important elements that should always be included in a fire risk assessment, but there are also necessary legal requirements that simply must be part of your plan.

Such essential components involve:

  • Every emergency escape route should be clearly marked and in addition, should always be regularly and thoroughly maintained
  • If you have children within your business premises, you simply must ensure you provide the parents or guardians of said children with details of every single fire risk and hazard that you know of
  • Certain members of your workforce, ideally those who are in positions of responsibility, must be assigned specific duties and responsibilities regarding fire safety and fire evacuation procedures
  • Always include any dangerous substances and COSH handling procedures within your fire risk assessment and management of fire safety within your building
  • Extensive fire extinguishers should be present and clearly identifiable throughout the building, both front and back of the house, and should be regularly maintained