What is Trending in the Birmingham Wedding Scene?

Following an expected hiatus in 2020, the wedding industry in Birmingham is back in full swing, with local wedding planners and venues reporting that they have more than doubled the number of bookings this year, compared to 2020. Couples are once again looking forward to designing elaborate gowns and suits, finding the perfect jewellery, and celebrating with loved ones but weddings in what remains of the year and in 2022 will still be a little ‘different’. If you have just got engaged and are curious about the trends dominating the industry, read on.

Smaller, More Intimate Weddings

Smaller weddings will still be the order of the day in the upcoming months, in light of safety concerns. These events strike the perfect balance between an elopement and a big wedding and they are usually budget-friendly though still memorable. Intimate celebrations appeal to millennial and Gen-Z couples for an additional reason—sustainability. The average carbon footprint of a wedding in the UK is 14.5 tonnes of carbon in just one day (by contrast, people emit around 9.1 tonnes per capita in a full year). A smaller wedding allows couples to save on resources, waste less, and do their share for the environment. In Birmingham, just a few smaller venues that are popular for smaller weddings are The Cosy Club, Opus, Canalside, The Blu Piano, Cobden Hotel, and Saint Nicolas Place.

Making it Greener

Additional ways to keep weddings eco-friendly include using potted flowers instead of cut flowers, wearing bouquets made from sewn or paper flowers, and ditching paper invitations altogether in favour of digital ones. Sustainability is also taking over food, with eco-conscious couples opting for dishes made with zero-km (i.e. locally sourced) ingredients, served on recycled plates. Even clothing and jewellery are getting greener, with savvy couples opting for second-hand, rented, and vintage designs. As is to be expected, most green weddings are celebrated outdoors, as a way to celebrate the beauty and value of nature. Some of the most dreamlike green settings in or near Birmingham include The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Prime Gardens, and Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Trust.

Celebrating Closer to Home

Destination weddings held in paradisiacal settings like the Maldives have slightly decreased in popularity owing to the current global health crisis. However, many couples are choosing urban wedding escapes in the UK. Some of the most popular and unique ideas to celebrate a reception include The Natural History Museum in London, The Garden of Eden in Liverpool, and The Elephant House in Edinburgh. These venues are booking quickly owing to their stunning architecture and cultural significance. However, you don’t need to leave Birmingham to find similarly beautiful sites. If a unique yet traditional venue with great architectural value appeals, try The Old Library, the Town and Symphony  Hall, or the REP Theatre.

Meaningful Cuisine

Couples are seeking to lend uniqueness and personality to their weddings and this penchant for personalization extends to food as well. Many are foregoing traditional fruit cake, red velvet, or chocolate cake for instance, in favour of flavours like coconut, Champagne, or coffee. The idea is to serve meaningful fare—thus, couples might serve guests the dishes they ordered on their first date, or choose favourites from their childhood. They will also be offering food after the main meal (think hot soup, doughnut walls, and snack tables) so that guests who are dancing the night away can stay fuelled up throughout the event.

Current global events have changed the nature of the wedding scene in the UK. Couples are now prioritizing safe, outdoor, green weddings that show their respect for the environment. Personalization is also in, with many choosing unique venues and cuisine that expresses who they are as individuals and as a couple.