How To Bring The Nightlife Home When You Can’t Go Out And You’re Bored In The Winter

There is a wide range of bars to choose from in the Scruffy City, from sports bars to Scottish pubs and even bar arcades. It’s true that catching up with friends over a few cold ones and a live band has a certain ambiance that’s hard to replicate at home, but there are lots of ways to make your abode just as inviting as your local watering hole.

Preservation Pub is the beating core of Knoxville’s rough-and-tumble subculture. You shouldn’t take their tagline “You’re in excellent company” at its value and invite everyone you know. Hang some lights, have a few beers, and turn up your favorite jam band, and you’ll have a similar, exciting vibe.

Of course, the music scene isn’t limited to Preservation Pub. Any bar’s atmosphere may be replicated with little effort. I take that you like Boyd’s Jig and Reel. Stream some traditional Scottish music. Are you someone who prefers a laid-back atmosphere? Put on some instrumental music, open a bottle of wine, and put together your own charcuterie board.

If you’re more of an arcade gamer, you may transform your living room into Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern by playing Atari games online and eating ramen.

Taking a Spin at the Slot Machines

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Online Drinking Party

The evolution of discourse is a positive byproduct of people withdrawing from one another socially. Video chats and phone conversations have both become normal forms of communication. Also, instead of saving them for conferences throughout the week, why not throw an online happy hour on the weekend?

If I say it’s almost as nice as the actual thing, believe me. In a Zoom video call, you and your friends or colleagues may try your hand at a drinking game or a round of Pictionary using the whiteboard tool.

And beer and wild, editable backdrops make a great pair.

Events broadcast in real time

Numerous performers are keeping the music alive by broadcasting their concerts live on Facebook and Instagram Live.

Last week, we attended the Second Bell Sofa Soiree, a virtual music festival. This benefit concert for Knoxville artists, service sector employees, and others was organized by the Second Bell Music Festival and Blank Newspaper and included performances by 28 local bands.

And in this day of increased interpersonal distance, this trend might grow in popularity.

Put Yourself In The Role Of Bartender

Obtaining a beer from the fridge isn’t quite as exciting as getting one from a bar. When a bartender hands you a drink, it has a different, more satisfying quality. If you and your fellow quarantined citizens are bored, why not take turns tending bar?