How to Choose Sources for Research Paper

The process of doing research can be tedious. One of the things that may confuse you is the choice of the research paper sources. Most of the research you do may become irrelevant when you do not have proper and recommended references.

Today we are doing a simple guide that will help you to get your research quickly done. Below are a few guides to help you.

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Understanding the types of sources

There are specific types of sources that help you to get information quickly. They include;

Primary sources- these are sources such as academic journals and others that have first-hand information. Court records and poems make such sources as they have information that is not analyzed.

Secondary sources- such sources contain analyzed or descriptive information. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and textbooks make excellent sources.

Tertiary sources- these are an analysis of primary and secondary sources. Databases, abstracts, and indexes make part of these sources.


Using a journal for research is very important. The fantastic thing with journals is that they contain recently published works. Therefore, you will have quite an easy time using them to make your working reliable and solve the current problem.


Books are also significant as they provide first-hand information. Content arrangement by topic does the work of researching faster and more convenient. One thing that is good about books is that they cover content completely.


Wikipedia is a very reliable source when doing research. It provides content that is well researched and proven. Using it is excellent as it allows for accurate information and the times when an event occurred.

Library databases

Using library databases is very important. They provide information that is rare to find. You get information that has been analyzed and stored in the best retrievable formats. Most libraries archive that extinct store information.

In library archives, you will also get the books and information not accessible in the market, but there is a publication.

Previous research papers

Using a previous paper when doing research is essential too. You will have access to information that is accurate and related to the topic. Amazingly research papers also have links to other sources that will help in making your study effective.

Professional organizations

Using information from professional organizations such as WHO is very important. They provide the most recent information with regards to the various places. The coverage of different topics is also very possible. Amazingly you will find content that gets published promptly and updated in journals.

Research institutes

Visiting websites of the various research institutes is crucial. You will have information from most organizations and concerning topics. Seeing various sources makes everything more straightforward for you. One unique thing with such sources is ensuring you have covered a specific area and has the most recent publications.


Youtube has videos that help in making research work efficient. You will love using youtube because it ensures that you have access to information that is up to date and reliable. You can get PowerPoint presentations and audios that make it easy to listen and write. Using youtube as your source makes things more convenient and usable.

Media centers

Media centers are convenient because they have information that is accurate and researched. A fantastic thing about them is that they cover various aspects hence a more comprehensive range of coverage. They also provide evidence of something that happened at a particular time. They are, therefore, very accurate.


Having great sources for your research paper is very important. One thing you will have enjoyable moments with them is that you will get accurate and timely information. Sources like the ones we have analyzed are essential and very efficient.