How to Choose the Right Mattress Size in Canada

Although mattresses and beds have standardized measurements, choosing the right one can still be confusing. There comes a moment in every Canadian’s life where they stop and think about how to choose the right mattress size in Canada.

When you get a new bed frame or the time comes to upgrade your mattress, the question also arises. Without a doubt, there’s no one-size-fits-all in these matters. In any case, having the wrong size mattress won’t allow you to get an optimal night’s rest. If it’s too small, you’ll risk exposing the bed’s frame. If the mattress is too large, it will sag, bulge, or exceed the bed frame.

King size, queen size, full size, and the list goes on. Having so many sizes to choose from is overwhelming. So, where should you start? Read on to learn more about how to choose the right mattress size in Canada.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size in Canada in 5 Steps

With mattresses, size matters. The right mattress size is crucial to high-quality sleep hygiene and recovery from fatigue. So, put aside your expectations on overblown marketing promises. Instead, focus on how the right mattress will fit you and your needs.

No one mattress will fit every Canadian perfectly. Your anatomy, sleep style, and habits are never identical to the next person. So, why choose a mattress size that works for a friend? After all, it doesn’t mean it’ll be the best mattress size for you.

If you’re shopping online, it’s even more vital to consider your differences. Installing a mattress to find out that it doesn’t fit then returning it for replacement or refund is a pain in the neck. Narrow down your search by taking the following considerations to heart. For more information on mattress sizes in Canada, refer to this guide.

  1. Your Somatotype

It all starts with your body type, including your height and weight. Dr. W. H. Sheldon categorized body types into three main categories:

  • Endomorph: Your body is round and bulky.
  • Mesomorphic: Your body is sinewy and athletic.
  • Ectomorph: Your body is tall and thin.

Remember, your mattress should fit your physique, not your body type. So, know your somatotype with your height and weight as the first step. When you know your body type, you can choose the right mattress size for the best sleep.

  1. Your Sleeping Position

Most Canadians sleep on their back and side, and it’s the most comfortable and sleep-inducing position to sleep on your side because it keeps your spine aligned. However, you might be a stomach sleeper. Either way, you’ll need enough surface to sleep comfortably.

That’s why it’s important to consider your sleeping position when choosing the right mattress size. You can’t toss and turn comfortably if your mattress feels cramped. Likewise, you’ll feel uncomfortable if it’s too wide or tall to fit your sleeping position.

  1. Your Sleeping Partners

Next, you want to consider any sleeping partners. You might be a married couple with a baby and a pet. So, you may need a larger mattress than a single person living alone. Even when your sleeping patterns are different from your partner’s, the mattress size could make a difference in your comfort. Furthermore, you might have special health conditions like arthritis that require extraordinary considerations. Take all of these factors into consideration, including the size of your family.

  1. Your Available Bedroom Space

You have found a mattress that fits your body type, sleep patterns, and lifestyle, but does it fit your bedroom? That’s the fourth consideration you need to make when choosing the right mattress size in Canada.

You’ll lose space for other bedroom essentials when your mattress occupies a lot of space. So, measure your bedroom’s dimensions and compare it to your mattress to see if it’ll fit. Plus, you may also want to place your bed strategically to avoid having it blocking your way around the bedroom.

  1. Your Budget

The size of a mattress is a crucial factor that determines its price. Large mattresses do come with a high price tag. However, finding a large, high-quality mattress at a low cost is not impossible. So, avoid the pain of investing in a poor-quality mattress even if you’re on a budget.


You now have the road map to choose the right mattress size in Canada. That’s not the end of the story, though. Your next step should be looking for honest reviews online. Since you know what sizes and dimensions to look for, your choice will be right on target. By now, you understand your needs and preferences better, and that’s why finding the right fit will be easier.

In conclusion, consider your body type, sleeping style, and bedroom size when choosing the right mattress size. That way, the mattress will fit you instead of you fitting it.