How To Dress For The Party: Top Tips To Take You From Day To Night

As the weather gets warmer, there are more opportunities to party. However, this can cause some challenges as many people don’t have time to change out of their work or daytime attire before the festivities begin. In this guide, we can help you with some top tips for how to take your outfits from day to night, so you’re always ready to party.

Change Your Bag

Changing your bag is a simple way to change your daytime look for a more formal night look. Larger bags with plenty of pockets and zippers are perfect for daywear, but they can be too heavy and bulky when you’re trying to move in a party-ready outfit. Smaller handbags may be more appropriate, such as clutch or crossbody bags, which will help your outfit to stay lightweight.

Find The Right Dress

One of the easiest ways to go from day to night is by finding a dress. A great daytime look and a fabulous party look can be created with one dress and some accessories. For example, if you’re wearing a flowing maxi dress and nude pumps during the daytime, swap in some silver sandals, a beaded clutch, rhinestone earrings and a statement necklace for the evening. To help you find the right dress that can take you from the perfect daytime look to a draw dropping party outfit, check out the range of dresses over at Luella Fashion.

Swap Out Your Shoes

Swapping out your shoes is the most obvious way to switch your day to night outfit. This can be as easy as changing from your work or daytime trainers into a pair of heels, sandals, or party pumps.

Add Bold Jewellery

While it might not be appropriate to wear a full-on party dress to the office, you can still add some sparkle and glamour by wearing bold jewellery. This will make your daytime outfit more evening appropriate. For example, a chandelier earring or a statement necklace will transform your basic work outfit into something ready for an evening event.

Change Your Makeup

The first step to changing your look from day to night is changing your makeup. Switching out a neutral lip for a bright colour and switching out daytime eye shadows for shades with more pigment will give you the first step in transforming your daytime look.

Let Your Hair Down

One of the simplest ways to go from day to night is to let your hair down. If you’re wearing a tight bun for work or school, it’s best to remove it before going out for the evening. You can do this by pulling your hair into a loose low bun or ponytail, which will give your hair more volume and make it easier to dance in. You may also want to use some styling product before letting it down for those with curly hair. This will help with frizz on humid days and make your curls more defined.