How to get featured on Instagram feed

All Instagram creators dream of being recommended so that a large number of users see their publications in their feed, even if they are not subscribers. This is very convenient and effective because this way your posts are recommended to the potential audience of the account and you do not have to do anything to promote your blog.

However, in order for the algorithms to start working in your favor, you need to try to do everything to increase the activity statistics of an existing audience. We will talk about how to do this in this article.

Account promotion

Naturally, the easiest way to increase the activity of the audience is to manually raise it. Since the social network algorithms take into account the activity, you can buy Instagram likes to get better statistics. In this case, the platform will consider your account in demand and will recommend your new posts to many users.

Of course, it is worth noting that this way works only for hardworking creators who delight the viewers with high-quality unique content. If you just invest in promotion but do not work hard, then your activity will turn into a failure.

However, not everyone wants to buy likes on Instagram, and this can be understood. Not every blogger can spend money on promotion early in their career due to financial or other issues. Next, we will talk about other ways to get into the top.

Regularity and relevance

When Instagram was just created, it was enough for bloggers to publish posts once a week for users to follow them. Now the world has changed and we see a huge amount of content a day. This forces creators to be very productive and publish something daily.

If you are not ready to devote a lot of time to your blog, then you should not even start this activity. In 2022, you must be constantly in front of the audience so that you will not be forgotten after a couple of days.

Also of course important is such an indicator as relevance. Here we mean not only the content of your posts, but also their format. For example, if you only publish longreads, then the younger generation will not be interested in your account. Now people prefer to read short notes and watch short videos.

Do not forget to analyze the social media market

On the vastness of Instagram, you can meet authors who are closed from the whole world and live only in their account. Probably some of them manage to achieve their goals, but this is rather an exception to the rule. It is impossible not to make mistakes without analyzing social media, other creators and their work.

Professional bloggers usually turn to analysts for help. But if you do not yet have such an opportunity, you can independently study the algorithms and activities of different authors on your subject. Thanks to this, you will understand in which way you should work further.

We wish you success in your work!