How to Get Free and Paid Reviews For Brand

With the fast growth in e-commerce websites and online stores, shopping trends are now changing. People are now buying online products and are searching for products and services on digital platforms. More people are looking at the review section to understand which product is best suited for their needs with this fast-changing trend. Customer reviews can be used as the best marketing tool for your product. Shoppers usually look at the review section before making the purchase decision.

Create a business profile on Google

The first step in getting a top rating for your website is to make a Google profile. Use Google My Business Profile, a free tool that allows you to create a company profile that appears in Google searches. So, if you have a website that you want to be reviewed by customers, all you have to do is create a Google profile and provide a link to your website for review. The customer will visit your site and leave a review on it. Then, if any person is searching for your business on Google Maps, it will show your brand with negative or positive google reviews.

Encourage your customers to submit reviews

Help your customer submit reviews. Please provide them with a link to your website. Whenever a customer purchases any product, send a personalized thank you note. It tells the customer how much the business cares about you. You can then send a link with the email and ask the customer to submit his review.

When you encourage the customer to submit reviews, it helps your business grow multifold. Shoppers look for reviews on your website and on different review websites to understand if the product is worth buying. Customers who have previously bought the product look at the products’ different features, pricing, and attributes and compare through the submitted reviews. Therefore, it is essential to look at the review section before making the purchase decision.

Give a reward

Paid reviews are another marketing tactic that allows monetary gains instead of a successful review. A monetary reward is always helpful. If for every client who gives a review, you reward a 10% off coupon, it encourages the customer to buy your product and build a long-lasting relationship. Paid reviews are beneficial in establishing a brand image and sustaining it. Another way to make your review successful is not to let your customer know beforehand that you will be sending a coupon. The surprise adds another level of excitement, and the customer becomes more loyal to your brand. Getting medicines at a discounted rate will persuade you to write a review in the healthcare industry. Proper healthcare reputation management will yield beneficial results for your brand.

Some brands offer special deals, discounts, and a free product on writing and submitting a review. This marketing strategy is popular with e-commerce brands and online stores where such tactics regain the customer’s trust. Getting freebies and discounts is always a win-win strategy for brands that want to make a lasting impression in the customer’s mind. It also increases the customer base as more people start buying your product.

Strengthen customer relationships

To be accessible to your customers is the best strategy to get instant reviews. Whenever a customer buys a product, he likes to share honest feedback and opinion. You can cash this by making profiles on sites where your customers are present. If your product is meant for the youth, you should have a business profile on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites to engage the audience. Chat with your customer and build a one-to-one relationship. Contact him immediately if a customer leaves a glowing review for your product. Send a thank-you note and socialize with them.

You can also ask for a shout-out on social media channels. Ask customers to use hashtags on Instagram and share testimonials on Facebook for better reach. Using the customer’s picture and name when posting the testimonial adds credibility and gives authenticity to the review. It suggests that the review is original. For instance, if you have a beauty parlor and you need to market your services, you can ask customers to give honest feedback about your service on your social media website. It will make much difference if salon reputation management is done appropriately and you get positive reviews.

Get reviews on trusted review sites

Most customers find the reviews on the brand’s website inaccurate and unauthentic. Reviews that appear on other review sites tend to be more original, fair, and accurate. That is why customers believe in such reviews and want to buy a particular product. So, if the review appears on social media platforms and other review websites, it shows that your product is popular.

Getting paid and free customer reviews can create trust in your business and build brand love. You can pay money to the customer for a review or ask for free reviews by building customer relationships and asking for honest feedback. Such marketing tactics and strategies go a long way in establishing brand image and creating customer loyalty.