How To Go The Extra Mile With Music Promotion In 2020

Becoming a famous musician is more than only producing great tracks. You need to have an exceptional promotional plan to reach the audience and build a fan base. After all, even the best music will not get you there unless you have fans who appreciate and propagate it. Also, the fact that there is humongous competition in the industry makes it challenging to stand apart. For these reasons, you need to go the extra mile with your promotional efforts. Let us explain the best strategies that can get you all the popularity you want in 2020 and beyond.

Have a website and mailing list

Start by creating a professional website that gives you a robust online presence. Besides building an amazing interface, enrich the site with your bio, images, music and tour dates. However, your website should go beyond storytelling if you want to use it for music marketing online. It should also have a mailing list sign up form that you can leverage for building a long and dedicated mailing list. Once you have the potential fans signing up, it becomes easier to reach out and engage them with your tracks.

Make a place on playlists

You cannot simply afford to stray behind with streaming and playlisting because this is where the fans are. Playlists across popular platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music can extend your reach to hundreds of millions of fans across the globe. Getting started is easy as you can just buy beats online to create a great track and get it into a popular playlist. Besides just making you popular, streaming can open a new revenue stream with royalty earnings.

Don’t underestimate live promotion

While you absolutely have to conquer the digital space to get ahead in 2020, live promotions continue to be important as a music marketing initiative. Gigs and tours get you the visibility and connections you need to become popular. You can explore diverse ideas, from performing at local clubs and festivals to touring other cities, depending on your scale. Don’t forget to upload live videos on YouTube if you want to derive the best benefits from this tactic.

Consolidate your social presence

You also need to harness the promotional power of social media to maximize your reach because this is where the audience is. Maintaining a solid presence across the entire important social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is essential. When it comes to creating an amazing social presence, you need to focus on being consistent with your posts and making them engaging as well.

Get press coverage

The good old music publications can go a long way in strengthening your promotional plan. Getting featured in mainstream publications and magazines should be your top priority. You can also capitalize on digital presence by appearing in niche blogs and webzines. While a professional PR executive can help you with this tactic, you can opt for DIY if running tight on budget.

These comprehensive music promotion strategies can have you well-covered when it comes to creating a successful presence as a music artist. Go ahead and get started right now!

Author Bio: Griffith Davies has worked with various trades and is currently placed as Lead Generation Strategist with Outreach Monks. He has a keen eye for art and music and often keeps his connections engaged with his talent.