How to Make a Small Garden Space Look Bigger

Utilizing outdoor space is good for your mental health and well-being. Spending time outdoors and getting reconnected with nature is good for you and your loved ones – no matter what the weather throws at you! So, to make the most out of your outdoor garden space, what can you do? And, what can you introduce or change? Planning out your space before committing to any works will ensure that you utilize and maximize the space on offer as best as you can.

Use Size Appropriate Furniture

When you have a small garden area to work with, it is not a case of just pick anything and be done with it. Small spaces need small pieces of furniture, and they need compact solutions too. Having places to sit, catch up, and even relax is essential, and without these areas, you will struggle to appreciate and enjoy your garden. So, when adding new furniture, always measure up what you are purchasing, and ensure that it does not look too squashed or crammed in. Having low-maintenance furniture that can be used year after year will ensure that you can maximise the time you spend in your garden space.

Have a Mixture of Plants That Flower All Year Round

Colour, style and flair are important in any garden area all year round. When you are focused on the colours in bloom, then you are distracted by how small a space may be. Taking time to bring nature into your garden and taking the time to plant both annuals and perennials will ensure that your space feels wide and open, even if it is not. Bright colours and beautiful displays of flower heads will distract both the eye and the mind away from the size of a space.

Divide the Area into Sections

When garden spaces are divided up, you ensure that you give the whole of the outside area more purpose and more definition. Using steel garden edging to create useable paths or even creating a Mediterranean-inspired garden that separates it from a children’s play area will ensure that you get the functional and highly enjoyable space you crave without having to make too many compromises. When you divide a space (no matter how small it starts off), you are taking back control, and you are taking the design of the garden into your own hands to ensure it looks exactly how you want it to.

Watch the Height of Your Trees

Trees and hedges are lovely to have in your garden, and they add a nice bit of privacy too. However, you have to be careful as they can grow quickly and become out of hand within just a short few months. Trees that grow too tall or too bushy can block out light coming into your garden and can leave your garden space feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Before going to the garden centre and adding new trees, shrubs, or bushes to your garden space, make sure that you check out how fast what you are planting grows. For example, leylandii conifers look great until they block out natural light and darken not only your garden but your neighbour’s garden and living room too.