How to Reduce Your Business Telecom Costs

Your business can’t afford to stop looking for ways to cut costs without hurting your ability to serve your clients’ needs. One of the ways that you could do that would be to reduce your monthly telecom spend. However, this is something a lot of businesses overlook or believe they can’t really change. But there are plenty of ways you can reduce your telecom costs and related overhead expenses without affecting your service. Here are the top 7 ways to reduce your telecom costs, whether you’re a sole proprietor or have fifty employees.

Be as Tax-Efficient as Possible

The HMRC says companies can provide employees with a mobile phone for business use. This makes the cost of a SIM only plan or mobile phone deal a tax-deductible expense. The only requirement is that the deal is between the limited company and the phone supplier. If you provide a second phone to employees, only the first will be tax-free. The second phone will be considered a benefit in kind and taxed.

Shop Around

There are many different choices when it comes to handsets, tariffs, and deals. The odds are that you’d save money if you don’t go with your default choice. This is why you should take the time to shop around for the cheapest VoIP phone service. Furthermore, there is fierce competition between phone providers and telecom services. If they know you’re shopping around, they may offer you a better deal.

Also, don’t think that just because you’ve been with the same provider for years that they will roll out the red carpet for you. The truth is that they care a lot more about getting new clients than keeping established ones. The only way to change that is to show them that you’re willing to leave or look at options that won’t restrict you.

Buy Refurbished Phones

There is absolutely no point in buying brand new phones for your team. Still, you want to have control over the devices they have, and you also want to make sure they have phones with the latest features. In this case, one of the best things you could do is look for refurbished units. These will often have very minor cosmetic issues that are barely visible. This would allow you to get a great recent phone without the price tag.

Minimise the Overall Phone Bill

Don’t pay more for the phone than you have to. This often happens when you enter a phone deal that includes a new phone. You pay more per month to cover the cost of the phone as well as the telecom service. In this case, the best solution would be to take advantage of SIM only deals.

We suggest you compare SIM only deals so that you can find the best plan given the number of calls and texts your employees make and the amount of data they use. Companies like Lebara have some of the best SIM only deals that will allow your staff to make unlimited calls from wherever they are. It’s your choice whether they have a lot of international minutes or unlimited country-wide minutes. They also have SIM only deals with unlimited data. If you want more info about their plans, check out these Lebara SIM only deals to understand your options.

People travelling abroad may benefit from the usage of specialist SIM cards that reduce the cost of international calls. However, switching to a plan that includes service in that country is a viable option.

Upgrade Your Telecom Infrastructure

You can also choose to go for VoIP and replace your traditional phone system with a hosted telephony. These systems use a cloud-based PBX. This significantly reduces the cost of hardware while allowing you to make voice calls. SIP trunking will allow you to make calls using your existing broadband connection instead of a telephone line. This may eliminate the need to add additional phone lines.

There are also tons of other benefits to using a VoIP system. For one, you can pick up your phone whenever you want and switch locations without paying a fee. You also don’t want to work with two different services when you need your phone installed. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Also, these systems allow you to do tons of things that you wouldn’t be able to with a regular phone. For instance, they allow you to send transcripts of messages either by text or email. Costs on international calls are also much cheaper. These systems allow you to easily do things like listen to your reps or transfer data from calls to your CRM solution.

So, these systems may not only allow you to save, but they could make you much more efficient and benefit your bottom line. For instance, these systems allow you to set up automated assistance that will put less strain on your team. People will also be able to get their questions answered outside of business hours, which will allow you to retain more of them.

Also, don’t expect the quality to be lesser because it’s cheaper. Not only is the quality great, but it is now even better than what you’ll get through a traditional line thanks to recent advances.

Minimise Your Data Usage

If your plan has a data allowance, you’ll pay dearly when you exceed it. So, make sure that you either get a plan with unlimited minutes or make sure that everyone uses Wi-Fi whenever possible. In either case, you have to make sure that you pick a plan with overages capped to zero. This is something you’ll often find with SIM only plans.

Know, however, that your personal information could be at risk if you’re using public Wi-Fi. This is why you need to limit your consumption and be careful where you connect. Make sure that you limit downloads from apps and streaming media. Also, make sure to turn off apps when you’re not using them and disable push notifications.

Pay for It, Then Hold Onto It

It is cheaper to buy a mobile phone upfront and then use a SIM only deal to access the mobile phone network than it is to sign up for a phone deal that includes the phone. This approach also allows you to keep an older phone and switch to a better SIM only deal, instead of being forced to upgrade phones when you change plans. A side benefit of SIM only deals is that you can choose shorter deals, so you’re free to switch to a cheaper plan if you find it.

Recycle Old Gear

You’ll certainly save money if you don’t buy new headsets you don’t need. However, you can save money when you buy new phones and recycle old ones. Depending on the make, model, and condition of the phone, you could get hundreds of pounds when you recycle it. Another option would be to sell them on a classified site or even on eBay. There’s a big demand for used phones on eBay, just make sure to unlock them first if you want to get more bids.

In an increasingly connected world, your team needs to be connected. However, you have to take steps to control the price you pay to stay connected on the go.