Why Retraining as A Gas Engineer Makes A Lot of Sense

Are you stuck in a dead-end job which you hate? Perhaps your current occupation doesn’t earn the type of wage you desire, or maybe you simply want more freedom than what your current profession currently affords. If you’re seeking career progression, a change of scenery, and a rewarding position where no day is the same, a great option is to become a gas engineer.

Now for a lot of people, this might not sound like the most obvious of career paths to take. However, unlike plenty of other professions, there’s no restriction on age or gender when it comes to working as a gas engineer. There are also many other reasons why entering this industry makes a lot of sense – with some of the main points listed below.

You don’t have to spend years learning the trade

A specialist trade should take a few years to learn before you can be hired as a professional, right? While this will often be the case, it’s not the same for those training to be a gas engineer.

Admittedly, you cannot become a skilled and knowledgeable professional overnight. You have to put in the work to gain the necessary qualifications before you can begin work in the gas engineering sector. Furthermore, you need to possess certain inherent qualities, such as problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate effectively with customers, if you want to succeed.

However, you could receive the training, skills, and qualifications required within the space of just 25 weeks. Rather than going through with a traditional NVQ apprenticeship which takes years to complete, Skills Training Group features fast-track courses that ensure you’re ready to enter the gas engineering job market in less than six months.

There’s a strong demand for gas engineers

Certain jobs are disappearing due to the way the world is evolving. With that said, gas engineers have nothing to worry about in that regard. In fact, there are not enough of these professionals in the United Kingdom right now to meet demand.

Based on figures compiled by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, there was a significant increase in vacancies for skilled workers in 2016. It was said that, in trades across the board, there was a 43% shortage – and that type of deficit is still true to this day.

As a result, a lot of professionals in this field end up turning down work. This isn’t because they dislike the idea of completing certain jobs, either. It’s simply down to the fact they don’t have enough space on their busy schedule to fit in anything else.

It also means you shouldn’t struggle to find opportunities as a gas engineer. With a combination of job availability and long-term stability, now is a great time to retrain and join the field.

A financially rewarding position

For a lot of people, one of the main reasons to become a gas engineer is due to the financial rewards on offer. According to Total Jobs, the average salary for gas engineers is around £35,000. This figure can vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and the position itself.

This total doesn’t just reflect the nature of the work and how only specialists can complete it, but also the shortage of gas engineers as mentioned above. Plus with the more experience you acquire, the more your salary is naturally going to increase. Senior gas engineers can expect to take home a yearly wage of £60,000+.

If you want to be even more ambitious than that, you can always take your gas engineering experience and transform it into a business. If you have the right support, contacts, and entrepreneurial spirit, running your own company can be particularly rewarding. Plus there’s the added bonus of selecting what jobs and working hours you want to complete.

A practical challenge which doesn’t stay the same

There are certain jobs which are monotonous, where you complete the same tasks over and over again each day. To avoid a role which follows this type of structure, look no further than becoming a gas engineer.

Simply put, no day is ever the same in the gas engineering sector. You are faced with a wide range of jobs on a daily basis, whether it is fixing an issue with someone’s gas oven or installing a new boiler. This makes the career a great one for those who enjoy the idea of completing new, interesting practical challenges each day.