How to Throw the Ultimate Surprise Party in Birmingham

Birmingham is the perfect location to plan a surprise birthday as it’s centrally located and has fantastic connections to all major parts of the UK, including London. Throwing a surprise party in Birmingham is hard work, but you can pull it off with careful planning and good organisation. Here are some tips to help you throw the ultimate surprise party in Birmingham:

Set a budget

The first thing you must do is set a budget for your event. Parties are not cheap, and you need to consider costs like venue hire, entertainment, food and drink, decorations, and so on. Think carefully about how much you can afford and see whether family or friends are prepared to donate towards the celebration.

Refer to your budget regularly while planning to make sure that you’re on track and not overspending. There are dozens of simple ways to save money when you are planning a surprise birthday party. For instance, ask guests to bring their own alcohol or offer light bites and nibbles instead of a full meal. You can download a free event budget template by visiting

Pick a venue

You should start searching for a venue as soon as you have a date in mind for your party. Try to pick somewhere in a convenient location that is easy for all of your guests to get to. It is a good idea to visit any venues that you’re interested in before booking, so you can get a feel for the atmosphere and facilities on offer.

Keep in mind that popular party venues get booked months in advance, particularly on weekends. Start your search early and put down a deposit to reserve your chosen date. Being flexible with your party date will mean that you have more choices when it comes to venues, and you will also be able to take advantage of the lowest prices.

Keep it a secret!

The most important part of planning a surprise party is keeping it a secret – and this is easier said than done! Make all of your guests aware that you are planning a surprise party, and do everything you can to stop the guest of honour from finding out.

Don’t forget to buy your guest of honour a memorable gift to mark the occasion. If it’s a special birthday i.e., their 40th, then search for 40th Birthday gifts and customize your present to add a personal touch.

Invite your guests

You should invite your guests as soon as you’ve chosen a date and booked a venue. Try to give people as much notice as possible and provide useful information such as nearby hotels and local taxi companies. Posting paper invites is bad for the environment and expensive. A greener and cheaper alternative is to send electronic invites to your guests. You could also keep things casual by starting a secret group on Facebook or WhatsApp to invite guests. This group message can be used to organise parts of the party and discuss arrangements for the event.