Why Kitchens Still Sell Houses

It’s always been an interesting discussion: whether it’s worth it or not to spend before you sell, with the cliché being that a few fixes will seal the sale. Doing the cost-benefit analysis is important so that you don’t lose money. You don’t want to spend more than it’s worth, but the fact of the matter is that improving the kitchen is likely to secure a sale. And while you still live there and own the property it may be worth having a great kitchen space.

With house prices in Birmingham rising as they are and the end to the stamp duty break on the horizon, there is no time like the present to make that sale. If your house is on the market or soon to be on the market, or you just want to increase its value, then the kitchen is where you need to go. It’s an acknowledged fact in the industry that the kitchen sells your house.

Many would argue that the bathroom is on par with the kitchen, but it’s the kitchen that prospective buyers will see first in most homes and to be fair, it’s the kitchen that most will be left thinking of when they leave. Clean sleek surfaces and the right appliances and spaces are ideal.

The most important room in the house

With more time being spent at home, more of this time is spent at the kitchen table and cooking than ever before. The kitchen is increasingly the room where the household gathers.

From preparing meals to storing fresh produce, eating and just sitting down with a good cup of tea. The kitchen has always been the core of many a home, regardless of its size, layout or design. As you look to improve your kitchen, ensure that based on its size you cater for these aspects of modern life.

Know what’s available

The best advice for those looking to redo the kitchen to improve the chances of a quick and profitable sale is to do your research and work to a strict budget.

Know what’s out there

Even before you start planning, search for kitchen showrooms near me and you’ll be surprised how close you may be to a professionally set up show kitchen, with COVID-19 safety measures in place, or even a virtual tour.

Keep it simple

Many kitchen upgrades start with the owners checking what’s trending and while this does help, ensure that the colour palette is simple and suits the overall theme of the home. If you’re building your dream kitchen in a home you intend to keep then, by all means go lime green, but don’t expect all your visitors to like it.

There are some great ideas for freshening up your kitchen, but be mindful of not blowing the budget and if it’s for re-sale then you need to be stricter than ever.

Kitchens still sell houses and if you follow some of the basic tips herein you are likely to increase the chances of your kitchen being the deal clincher.