How to use your storefront to increase foot traffic

With the advent of the internet and online shopping, it’s easy to think that the arts of window dressing and signage are being lost. However, while some retailers are finding it a struggle to survive in the high street of Birmingham and other towns and cities across the UK, there are plenty of businesses that are using their storefronts to draw in passers-by. Here are some tips on how you can use your storefront to increase your foot traffic.

Fun signage

The first thing that a prospective customer will look at when approaching your shop is most likely going to be your sign. This is why it is essential that it entices them in, as well as explaining what it is that your business does. Depending on what you sell and the tone that you are going for, there are limitless aesthetic options. For example, if you are a new bar, then you could go for something shiny and stylish, or perhaps a paired back and minimalist look, or something more traditional. It is entirely up to you, but you have to make sure that your signage matches up with your shop’s general tone. Many shop fronts will have flags flying from flagpoles, as these can be a great way to promote your store (plus, if brands you stock would like you to promote them in your store, they often supply graphics for window displays and flags free of charge), and if your flagpole is in need of some tlc, a flagpole repair kit is worth investing in to ensure your shop front looks new and attractive for passers-by.

Keep it clean

A basic way of keeping your storefront as attractive as possible is to make sure that it stays clean and maintained. People aren’t going to appreciate your lovely window display if the windows themselves are dirty, cracked and covered in cobwebs. Make sure that any panelling is in good condition to give your customers the right first impression when they walk past.

Window dressing

This is a term that describes all aspects of making your window displays as attractive as possible. There are so many ways of making your windows attractive. Some businesses have it easier because their products are more suited to display. Businesses such as cake shops have plenty of choice when it comes to deciding on what goes in their windows. Other sorts of business have to get more creative. For example, you can use window shutters as window dressing that borders your displays and enhances them.

Pavement extras

Some pubs and cafés around Birmingham are excellent at using the pavement to increase their foot traffic. Sandwich boards can both tell customers about events and deals, as well as allowing you to get creative with riddles and jokes and more.

Employ nature

Depending on your business, flowers and plants can add something really effective to your shop’s visual presence. A flash of greenery can look really striking if you are in an especially built-up area. People might even just come over to breathe in the scents, and then maybe they will even come into the shop. As well as outside the shop, you can also use plants in your window displays and in your main shop floor area to create an earthy feel.