Invite the Outdoors Inside With the Right Décor

If you love the outdoors, then you might want that inside your home as well. When you’re outdoors, the cortisol level, or the stress hormone, goes down. That brings in the happy hormone called dopamine. There are several ways to bring the two together. Back in the seventies, it was a whole aesthetic. Here are six ideas on ways you can bring the outdoors inside your home through décor or design.

1. Barn Aesthetic for the Outdoor Look

One of the aesthetics that people love right now is the barn look. You can easily achieve this look and bring the outdoors inside by adding interior barn doors. It can be white or that off-grey color that you have seen in new homes. You can change the color to anything you want. Much like a front door that creates a focus for the theme of the house look, you can add this to create that rustic outdoors look.

2. Outdoors Vibes Through the Road-Side

According to the New York Times, it’s a whole vibe these days. You can gather little things that you love about the outdoors and bring them inside for the feeling you crave. If you’ve seen pine cones or other tree droppings that others dislike, but you love, then you know what this one is all about. Some people love those road trips during different seasons so they can gather things to decorate for the home later.

3. Indoor Trees

This was another look that was popular in the seventies. Commonly referred to as a mid-century look, it can bring the outdoors, literally, indoors. It is simple to achieve. Add a full-size tree that grows to the height of the room where it’s placed. When you have skylights above it, the look is like an arboretum. Here are some of the best choices for this effect.

• Yucca

• Jade Plant

• Rubber Plant

• Fiddle Leaf

• Parlor Palm

• Weeping Fig

4. Create an Arboretum

If you really want the look from the mid-century-modern home, then create a room that has a sun-light over the top. Add glass to the walls. It should surround the whole room. That way you can see in for the effect of the outdoors—inside. This works best for a room at the center of the house. You can also create this look at the entrance to your home. Take the area under the stairs and place a box made of wood. Place the plant inside that and moss on top. Add some small rocks for accent. It’s a whole vibe.

5. Outdoor Lighting Effects

Those little improvements that bring the outdoors indoors, can really make a difference. There are specialty lighting companies that know how to re-create the effects of outdoor sun exposure. When you place that in your home with the right amount of plants and trees in pots, the results are amazing. It’s calming and reduces your cortisol levels. Try different lighting angles with your plants and trees in the pots. Arrange them by the seasons too so they get the look of that time. It’s surprising how creative you can get with lighting effects that make the inside look like the outside.

6. The Cottage Look

This last look is for the romantics. If that’s you, “cottage core” is the look for your life. This one is so much fun. Think the Hobbit. You take twigs and leaves on branches to decorate your home. Some string and wood furniture mixed with loads of flowers complete the whole look. Your kitchen must be rustic, and your home preferably cottage-like. Meaning, it’s small and built for one. This look is primarily for young couples or singles, but some people in Denmark have perfected this look for entire families. Think tree-house. Then get creative.

All of these ideas can take what’s outside and bring it in. Your personal style can shine through with the smallest additions here and there. Those small things really pull everything together in your home to bring the outdoors inside your home through décor or design. Go for a walk in nature. Think about what excites you outside. Is it the lighting? Maybe it’s the flowers or trees. Pull those things together to create the perfect look that is just right for your life.