3 Fun Things To Do In Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham


Cannon Hill Park, located in the south of Birmingham is the most popular park in the city. 

Covering a large 250 acres with everything from woodland, sports areas, picnic areas, and a gorgeous lake you won’t be shy of fun things to do while wandering through Cannon Hill. 

In saying this, what are 3 fun things to do in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham?

1 – Have a picnic and relax

This might be the first thing you think of when picturing a relaxing day at the park. There isn’t much better than laying out a picnic blanket with someone you love and cutting into some soft cheeses. 

With endless flat, grassy grounds and beautiful scenes in every direction, you look there’s no better place to roll out the rug. Cannon Hill Park has an amazing garden full of luscious trees and colourful flowers, making for the most picturesque picnic background you could ask for. 

The best thing about picnics is they can be enjoyed by anyone. Go by yourself with a delicious sandwich and your favourite book. A significant other and an endless conversation or bring the kids and a soccer ball and watch them run and play in the sun.

If packing your lunch isn’t something you’re looking to do, there are options for paid food and drink such as the Garden Tea Room and the Bridges Cafe. This may feel just as much like a picnic experience as you’ll still be surrounded by the park while eating delicious food. 

2 – Go boating throughout the water

One of the most beautiful features of Cannon Hill Park is the lake. Long and thin stretched through part of the park you can hire a boat and enjoy the park from the stillness of the water. 

Up the fun experience by renting a swan lake boat, where you’ll get exactly what you just paid for, a swan-shaped lake pedal boat! 

Renting one of these will cost you £8 per 2 seaters or £12 per 4 seaters per 30 minute intervals. The different sized boats mean whether you’re looking for a romantic ride for 2 or a fun and adventurous family ride for 4, there’s something to accommodate everyone. 

Pedal around the lake with peace of mind knowing that every swan lake boat is up to the highest safety standard as well as every person onboard receiving a life jacket to wear for an extra layer of protection (just in case you fall out, whoops!) although that is very unlikely!

View the natural beauty of this stunning park from a whole new perspective. Step off the grass and into the serenity of the lake and watch the world pass you by as you pedal downstream. 

3 – Ride around the park

The park is large and beautiful, perfect for riding throughout the entirety of it. Whether you chose a bike, rollerblades, or as we’d like to recommend for ultimate fun, an electronic hoverboard! 

The park is full of paths, from next to the lake to through trees and flowers. Escape the busy streets and take a ride on a hoverboard in peace without the worry of being on the lookout for cars (but always look for people!) 

Riding, no matter the type you choose to do, is a great form of exercise and a fun way to get outdoors and get some fresh air, and what better place to do so than at Cannon Hill Park with lush greenery surrounding you.

With the large area that the paths cover throughout Cannon Hill Park, you could be riding for hours if you want to see it all. 

It takes approximately 2-3 hours to walk the entirety of the park, assuming you’ll do it a little quicker on a hoverboard. Be aware that while most paths are well paved, you may come across some areas that may be muddy. 


Cannon Hill Park is a must-see location if you find yourself in Birmingham. With endless things to do and see you can easily spend an entire day wandering around the park. 

Whether you choose to walk or ride, go alone or with friends and family, we guarantee there’s an activity you’ll enjoy. 

From a simple walk to a delicious lunch break at one of the established cafes or a ride through the lake on one of the swan boats, Cannon Hill Park will not disappoint.