Must-See Gardens in Birmingham

Description: To escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city, you don’t need to hit the road and find yourself in the middle of nowhere since a garden can be enough.

Summer is a perfect time to spend more time in the fresh air and get your portion of vitamin D. Even though the UK can hardly join the rank of the sunniest countries, you can still get a good piece of the pie. Birmingham stands out with its historical heritage, cozy places to pop in, and picturesque gardens. The latter is a must-visit place for everyone who wants to charge themselves with positive vibes and get closer to nature. You can stroll around it, turning off your restless mind and enjoying the moment. 

Why Should You Go There?

They say that gardens are a perfect place for meditation and bringing thoughts in order, so you can get a double profit. It’s especially useful for students who feel overwhelmed with assignments and numerous issues outside the campus. You can turn to the paperhelp writing service, choose one of the gardens mentioned below and go to enjoy nature side by side with the gorgeous historical setting. If you live in a private house and can boast of a backyard, such a trip can provide you with inspiration and ideas for improving your little corner of nature. Bides, couples in love can spend time there with double pleasure, arranging a picnic. Thus, if you have a day off, don’t stay at home but visit one of the most picturesque gardens in Birmingham.

Weston Park

If you want to find yourself in a place with a long history, you should come here since this park was created almost four centuries ago. It represents a huge territory (more than one thousand acres) with a beautiful building nowadays used for arranging different special and solemn events. Thirty-five years ago, the park with magnificent gardens became a public place, so ordinary people have a chance to enjoy its stunning atmosphere. Nowadays it’s equipped with trampolines and slides so that you can open this place from a new side. Besides, you have a chance to arrange a short journey over the lake and through the woodland with the help of a tiny railway. You can also come across several cozy places on the territory to pop in and treat yourself to something delicious. With all its attractions, the park is open from May to early September, so summer is a great time to enjoy it to the fullest. However, bear in mind that you should have enough cash to try all the things the place can offer you.

Martineau Gardens

It represents a very interesting public garden where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape. This place can boast of numerous shrubs and trees of unusual forms, mulberries, and even herbs. They say that everything is GMO-free. In addition to this organic heaven, you can come across woodland, ponds, beehives, meadows, etc. It’s a great place to arrange a picnic with your friends or loved ones. You can also enjoy the surroundings by grabbing some cold drinks that are served right there. People can visit it free of charge during the whole year unless it is closed for special occasions.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Even though this stunning picturesque place was designed two centuries ago, ordinary people got access to it only thirty-nine years ago. A few things have changed since that moment, so you can enjoy the spot in its initial look. The Victorian park is a pearl and the heart of the garden, so if you find yourself there, make sure to take a stroll along its terraces. If you are fond of plants, this spot is the right choice for you since it can boast of more than seven thousand various species, including a 250-years old tree. Four glasshouses have different climates, so you can come across plants from different corners of the globe. In addition to woodland and shrubberies, you will be able to watch different representatives of wildlife. Can you just imagine what a great day off you can get there? When you fill yourself with positive emotions and impressions, you can take a break in a tearoom. The garden is open all year round except for some big holidays like Christmas. Just be ready to pay the entrance fee that is about $10 per person.

Kenilworth Castle Elizabethan Gardens

This picturesque spot was created for the queen more than five centuries ago. Unfortunately, it had not been preserved in its initial form, so they used archeological evidence to bring it back to life. They say that this recreation is as close to the original as possible, and you will hardly run into anything like that in the whole world. You can enjoy the view of the garden from the terraces. Flemish drawings have become a basis for geometrical landscape design. If you decide to take a stroll across the garden, you will run into an amazing fountain at its center or an aviary in its north part. The garden can boast of huge picnic areas, so you can enjoy your weekend in nature in the company of the dearest people. It’s open in the daytime from March to late September. If you decide to come here, be ready to pay about $14 of an entrance fee and additionally for parking.