Is Body Hair Removal Harmful

It is only natural to have body hair but it is still a thing mose people are uncomfortable with. Here we take a look at whether body hair removal is harmful.

Body is rarely ever seen on the big screen. In fact it is such an uncommon event that whenever there is a picture taken of a celebrity’s hairy armpit, the armpit becomes a news story. That is how much body hair is seen in the public domain. In fact, if a person is seen in the beach, where there is a definite lack of clothing, with visible body hair, it is almost seen as a political statement. This includes pubic hair as well. Men have been getting in on hair removal as well. This is evident as there is a popular waxing term called, “back, sack and crack” waxing technique. The fact that it has its own unique name points to the fact that this now a popular waxing technique. The days when hairy chest and playboy bushes were in is a thing of the past. Very simply put, body hair is just not desirable anymore.

It is not as though it is only the ideal bodies that are hairless; almost everybody has to be hairless and it has to be so everyday. The idea that has been permeated through the media system is that it is just not ok to have body hair even though this is a very natural thing that happens on our bodies quite literally all the time. It is very concerning in fact that these modified bodies are becoming the new normal and it is these modified bodies that are seen as “natural.”

The fact that to achieve this natural and false normal look, we have to put in serious work, has become very evident and obvious. When we want to get rid of these body hairs we need to seek out hair removal systems such as shaving, plucking, waxing and lasering. It is quite funny to think about the hair requirements of the head, where a head full of hair is deemed to be natural and normal and more importantly, beautiful. The demands of maintaining a hairless body, no matter the hair removal method, is very demanding with work being required constantly to maintain the hairless look and it is required in some cases almost daily. The fact that to keep a hairless body so much work is required has been accepted by the masses and is considered normal whereas it is anything but that. Also, let’s face it, when it comes to body hair, it is somewhat accepted in men but it is absolutely not the case for women. In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at whether women’s hair removal methods are dangerous or not.

Women are very often faced with a very tough question. That question is whether to epilate or to shave the body hair that may have accumulated. Whenever women go to salons they are always told that waxing is a better option for hair removal. This has also been kind of accepted by the masses as shaving hair often leads to faster and harder growth of body hair. But is it really true that hair grows differently after you shave? Is it then unhealthy to use a razor? Let’s take a look at one of the most common hair removal methods for women and see if it is safe or not.

It will be prudent to first understand the basic differences between waxing and shaving. When you are going through with a waxing session, you are basically removing hair completely by uplifting them from their very roots. When using a razor on the other hand, what happens is that the hair is being cut mid-way. The truth of the matter is that shaving can be analogous to cutting the trunk of a tree. The tree trunk will very likely feel coard and thick and it eventually will grow back to its original length. So just like that when you shave the hair does not thicken nor is there a faster growth of hair.

The Undesired Effects of Shaving

Before we dig deep into the harmful effects of shaving it is important to mention that shaving does have several advantages over waxing. First of all, shaving is a pain-free method of hair removal whereas waxing is famously a very pain inducing method of hair removal. Most of the time, it can be done by oneself and it is very cheap and simple to execute. The thing that has given shaving a bad rep is the drying and itchy skin that may soon present itself after shaving. Another major drawback is that shaving is a sure way to get in-grown hair and also undergrowth.

One of the ways that shaving can be made to be a better experience is to make sure that the area shaved is moisturized properly after shaving. It will also be a good idea to not expose the shaved part of the body to direct sunlight immediately after shaving. The other thing to make sure is that there is no re-use of another person’s razors as this can lead to infections.

The two hair removal methods, waxing and shaving, almost seem to be at par with each other. Waxing has its own set of advantages as well as drawbacks. Although the effects of waxing lasts a much longer time and it also has the potential to retard hair growth, it is important to note that waxing can lead to loose skin and hair bois. This is in addition to the fact that waxing is an extremely painful hair removal method.

If we think about which hair removal method to use, we can see that it is a very obvious thing and it depends totally on the choice of the individual. It is quite simply a matter of what it is that you are ok with and what you are not okay with.