Zyggurat music project debut EP Release ‘Earth II’

Zyggurat is an electronic music project by Pete Grimshaw with Nathan Jones (drums, percussions) & Liam Halloran (vibraphone, electronics).

Forged in the post industrial terrains of the UK’s second city, Zyggurat navigates the expanse between electronic and jazz grains in deep layers of sonic exploration. Coming through the Birmingham jazz scene and noting the radical changes of urban regenerations past and present galvanised the producer to undergo the musical metamorphosis to the ambient futurism of his emerging sound. 

The debut EP – Earth II – returns to more palpable jazz influences spurred by the addition of the effected, saturated sound of vibraphonist Liam Halloran.

The trio stretch out over four tracks of intuitively crafted distorted melodies, surging bass, crunching modular synth nuance and fragmented ambient flourishes. Earth II is a passage through imagined landscapes – awakening on a subsequent Earth – across abstract wilds to urban civilisation and beyond.

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