It’s all just HOCUS PORKUS Fat Hippo’s Halloweens special has arrived!

To celebrate the launch of Hocus Porkus 2, a nationwide burger group has launched a brand new limited edition BLACK burger.
• Exclusively this October, the ‘Hocus Porkus’ boasts their signature beef patty encased in a black charcoal seeded bun, loaded with pork scratchings, tortilla crushed jalapeño poppers, black pudding and more!
Fat Hippo, the independent UK restaurant group, is launching a limited edition Halloween burger to celebrate the upcoming spooky season. 

Inspired by the brand new Disney+ sequel to the 90’s cult classic, Hocus Pocus, the horrifyingly tempting burger will be available at all locations for the month of October.

The brand new special sees Fat Hippo’s classic beef patty loaded with American cheese, crunchy pork scratchings, tortilla crushed jalapeño poppers, black pudding + crispy bacon crumb, Hellacious Hippo hot sauce + Kiev mayo, sandwiched in a striking black charcoal seeded bun, served with Hippo seasoned fries.

This will be accompanied by some gruesomely garish loaded ‘Hippoween Hand Cut Chips’ which sees their classic thick hand cut chips smothered in garlicky Kiev mayo and topped with a black pudding and bacon crumb. Available to be purchased alone or as a meal upgrade.

Dickie Nelson, Executive Chef at Fat Hippo, said: “Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year as it allows us to push our burger boundaries and experiment with some really adventurous flavours and themes – It’s safe to say Hocus Porkus will certainly turn heads this October!”

The group work exclusively with Deliveroo and their limited edition burger will be available on the delivery platform as well as click+collect via their app.

To find out more about Fat Hippo’s latest special, please visit their website and social channels for further details.

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