Original Patty Men

Birmingham’s continued culinary revolution has tempted Tom Maher and Scott O’Bryne to open their first diner, the Original Patty Men, in Brum’s industrial hinterland, known as Digbeth.

The beef-loving supreme team perfected their patty prowess during their Digbeth Dining Club street food days. After wining a British Street Food Award for ‘Best Burger 2014’ the next step was a permanent home for their beautiful burgers to burgeon.

Brum has come a long way since greasy burger vans outside nightclubs in the 80s and 90s, large chain brands such as Five Guys, Handmade Burger Co, Buffalo & Rye (part of Bitters n Twisted chain). and the more independent Nosh & Quaff. all cater for the humble beef burger fan. However, OPM is something completely different.

Tucked away down a side street, near Digbeth Police Station, OPM shelters beneath a huge brick rail arch. It would not look out of place in a New York city street, which somehow adds to the authenticity of this hip (hop) joint. Inside is a bare, minimal interior, but this a deliberate effect, and it fills you with a feeling of excitement. This is new, industrial, and urban with a touch of Brummie street-style!

Food & Drink

Many of the burgers are made with aged beef patty, and are served inside a yoghurt and buttermilk bun, unless of course you opt for the equally delicious vegetarian option ‘slow cooked and shredded Portobello mushroom’.

The menu is simple but achieves its goal, to take fast food to the next level and proves it can be done, without coming across as too contrived, or patronising to the punter. You can choose from the classic cheese burger to a bacon layered cheese burger, or a maple coated bacon burger, served in a grilled glazed doughnut, and of course the vegetarian option.

If you ask a member of staff, they will be able to tell you exactly which farm the beef is raised, and slaughtered on. Careful attention is paid to sourcing high quality produce, and this shows, the second you bite into a OPM burger.

The Original Patty Men is also a bar, well.. It’s unlikely you won’t want to eat something when inside, regardless, the drinks menu is well conceived.

OPM have teamed up with Siren Craft Brewery from Reading, and there are four taps that feature both regular beers, and guest ales too. You can select from a fanciful variety of bottles, spirits and soft drinks, if you’re not in the mood to nurture your beer-baby-beef-burger belly.

In all, this is more than a diner, it’s evidence that Brum is reaching new heights in what it can offer to both savvy locals and expectant visitors. Bravo and long live Original Patty Men.

Take Away Lockdown Update 18/05/20

Original Patty Men are now doing collection. Check website for details.

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