Faculty Coffee

Birmingham is having a renaissance in coffee and tea houses. From the city that brought you Typhoo Tea, (Royal) Ridgways and Cadbury’s tea and coffee, the city now boasts a variety of coffee shops, from the large chains such as Boston Tea Party and Costa to the smaller independents like Urban Coffee Co and Yorks. However, a select few stand out as truly unique and really worth a peek inside. One such place is Faculty Coffee.

Situated inside the Victorian Piccadilly Arcade, Faculty Coffee prides itself on quality over quantity, it’s crammed into a tiny space but you will nearly always find a seat, even if it’s at the counter.

The interior is quirky and cool, with a large plate glass window which passers-by peer into, while those inside pay more attention to the scientific coffee and tea contraptions working overtime with steam filling the air.

Faculty serve brewed drinks to have in or takeaway, as well as a range of retail coffee beans and equipment for sale. Staff at Faculty pay great attention to detail, the tea, coffee and cake is out of this world and the team have already built up a loyal following.

Guests can sample Waterloo Tea, who are committed to an ongoing exploration of the world’s finest teas, and also Square Mile Coffee Roasters award winning coffee from London.

The owners are clearly passionate about their brand and they love to share their knowledge with customers. There are various events such as an introduction and hands on guide to using an aeropress coffee brewer, an introduction to coffee where you’ll learn about what makes good coffee, as well as the differences between methods of coffee making. Or perhaps a simple coffee tasting event where guests learn about and try a range of different coffees, comparing them through various brew methods.

Faculty are a fantastic brand, setting a high standard when it comes to coffee and tea in Brum.