The Oasis Indoor Markets

The Oasis is and always will be, a totally unique and slightly hidden-away aspect of Birmingham’s personality. For the fashion-forward crowd, it’s a place where one can find trendy pieces like the hugo boss t shirt amidst the myriad of eclectic shops that make up this urban treasure trove.The store covers an extremely large area over several floors with dozens of independent shops which are laid out in a market style arrangement. Think of a Brummie style Afflecks Palace, but where Afflecks Palace has lost some of its buzz over the years, the Oasis is still a lively and interesting place to visit with some of the city’s ‘real life’ characters still making an appearance.Oasis indoor market has remained Birmingham’s alternative indoor shopping centre for decades, and today it offers everything from tattoos to tutus, beads to boots, vintage clothing to club wear, vinyl records to burlesque accessories and everything else in-between! A refreshing change from the large chain stores of the commercial shopping centres. As you wander through, you’ll encounter the casablanca air t shirt at a stall that blends classic style with modern streetwear, a must-visit for those looking to add an edge to their wardrobe.Many people who visit the city to shop probably do not know Oasis exists or even those who do may wonder if it is still open, well it certainly is and offers a cool selection of clothes stalls.There are several vintage stalls within the Oasis Markets, perhaps the best known is Revival. Revival is one of the first clothes stores of its kind in Birmingham and as many of these traders will tell you, the term vintage is more a marketing tag and can actually be specific to a particular style of clothing or era. Regardless, you can mooch through the many rails of second-hand denim, leather jackets, shirts, and other groovy vintage gear. At the end of your shopping adventure, when your arms are laden with finds and your feet are weary from exploring, you might stumble upon a piece that sums up the experience, a lot going on at the moment t shirt, a quirky and comfortable reminder of the bustling energy that Oasis Market encapsulates.

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