Make your Shabat night special with intricately designed Kiddush Cup Sets

The Friday night Shabat looks empty without the sparkling Kiddush cup sets, adorning your dining table. Scintillating silver – shining brightly against the sparkling candles from the candelabra – add an extra layer of beauty to the dinning space. The Kiddush cup sets adorned with the excellent carvings and decoration simply add beauty to the evening. Shabbat is an integral part in the Jewish homes – and Kiddush cup sets only add the beauty to a next level. 

Historical significance of the Kidush cup set for the Jews

Jews lay a lot of importance to the Shabat. As per them, it is an offering made to the lord – who has worked hard for the 6 days in building the universe. On the 7th day, he took a rest after completing his task. Friday is the day marked as Shabat for the Jews. The ceremony has the Kiddush prayer, followed by drinking beverage in the Kiddush cup, as an offering to the lord. The beverage is distributed amongst the family & friends – thus making it a vital part of the Jewish culture.  

Kiddush Cup Sets: An overview of the awesome designing

Kiddush cup sets with excellent designs are always given priority in the Jewish households. Kiddush cup sets that have intricate designs, marked with excellent fine art add an extra layer of beauty to the dining table. Silver is the most common material used for manufacturing the cup sets. Silver adds an extra layer of durability and reliabiliy – to add along with the silvery shine to your dining hall. The Kiddush cup set is often accompanied with a wooden box for maintaining and keeping the set. 

The design of the Kiddush cup set will only be accentuated with the plate which is designed perfectly. A perfectly matching design is also something that makes your dining table look awesome. Kiddush cup sets are very high in demand, thus making them stand out. Not only do they have a religious sentimental value but, they add an extra layer of dining table aura. 

Parameters to look into while purchasing the Kiddush cup sets

Though this is not something strict, but if you want to maintain the uniformity in your kitchenware – find the right numbers always help. Here are the parameters that you must look at while purchasing the Kiddush cup set

  1. Height of the cup set
  2. Diameter of the rim of the cup set
  3. Diameter of the base of the cup set
  4. Plate of the cup

If you are lanning to buy additional plates, then you must look into the following:

  1. Weight of the plate
  2. Inner & Outer diameters

Kiddush Cup Sets – An Added Flavour to the modern times

Don’t forget to add the Kiddush cup sets to your home decor – an added flavour that accentuates home’s beauty. They might be available across numerous materials, but the suggested one is silver. Adding the scintillating beauty to your home is always something unique – and there is excuse for not adding the same. Buy your kiddush cup sets right away and adorn your home decor to the next level.