Mangia! Mangia! Goes to Gulp!

Saturday 30 April; 6pm & 8.30pm 

Gulp, First Floor, 58 Spencer Street, Jewellery Quarter, B18 6DS

On Saturday 30th April, Kaye Winwood Projects is hosting her first collaboration with Matt O’Callaghan of Mangia! Mangia! at her Jewellery Quarter venue, Gulp.

This pop up Supper Club, will unite the intimate, private dining room feel of Gulp, with a delicious, five course Italian menu, utilising a mixture of Italian and locally sourced or grown ingredients.  

Guests will be welcomed with a glass of Prosecco and a selection of crostini, before moving onto sardines (or aubergine) filled with pine nuts, breadcrumbs and raisins, and rolled to resemble songbirds in the nest.

The pasta course will be a simple and light orzo, with lemon and peas before moving onto the main course of meatballs (or a stuffed onion) bathed in an incredible butter and tomato sauce.  As is normal in Italy, the vegetables, potatoes and fried bitter greens will be served separately, so that their more delicate flavours are not overwhelmed.

Finally, come slices of chocolate salami, coffee and homemade limoncello (with Birmingham grown lemons).

There are two sittings, the first at 6.00pm and the second at 8.30pm.

Tickets £50 (BYOB) can be purchased via Eventbrite:

About the hosts:

Kaye and Matt first met over twenty years ago, when they worked together at Ikon Gallery, as it moved to its current location in Brindleyplace.

Kaye has since gone on to form Kaye Winwood Projects; working with artists, cooks and food producers to explore our relationship with food and everything surrounding it – she describes the process as ‘Expanded DIning’, where eating becomes a multisensory experience, rather than a simple physical action.  She is an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham and a recipient of a Feeney Fellowship in 2018. 

She recently set up Gulp, a dining room, kitchen and studio; as a venue to hold classes, workshops and meals devised by visiting artists and cooks.

More information can be found at

Matt writes about, grows, teaches and cooks British and Italian food. Mangia! Mangia! (Eat! Eat!) was born out of Matt’s friend Giovanna who begins every meal shouting to whoever is at her table in Palermo.  It started when Italian friends in the UK, Rome and Sicily claimed that you could never cook proper Italian food in the UK, because we can’t grow the fruit and veg, and Matt decided to prove them wrong and now produces bitter greens, artichokes, quinces, Neapolitan tomatoes, aubergines, and on and on, from his south Birmingham allotment, before turning them into traditional Italian meals and preserves.

His writing has received praise from Nigella Lawson, Rachel Roddy and Diana Henry.

More information can be found at or on IG as @mangiamangiauk