MeMe Detroit new single review by Lee Endres

Birmingham based MeMe Detroit has released a new single A Point Of You. It will be the second single release from forthcoming album ‘Live To Love You’ll Love To Live’ due out early 2016.

The music video was premiered last week and has already got existing fans and general music lovers eager to hear more.

This groove and riff based track is ever-expanding, everything seems incredibly in sync and has a catchy plodding bass line that helps you along the way.

People familiar with the natural Energy and angst of MeMe will be very happy to hear the production is far from shy to accentuate one of the most important aspects of the artist.

The chorus brings on a surge of vocal chants and believable aggression to give the song the necessary emancipation we expect to hear from this sort of music.

Fans of PJ Harvey and Nirvana will find themselves in a very comfortable place but certainly not too familiar. For myself, the main fruition is the sheer enjoyment she has encapsulated, which is both charming and real.

It leaves me highly anticipating the album release, and also an extreme urge to see her perform this live.

Review by Lee Endres for Grapevine Birmingham

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