Midlands Halloween DriveThru Scare Attraction!

Presenting a terrifying new type of in-car entertainment; a fully fleshed festival of fear through October and into November set in the dark heart of England, just 10 minutes from Birmingham International Airport …

Dare you drive the ROAD TO HELL?

After an incredible 15 years of deliciously dark Spooktacular events, Heart of England have again teamed up with Masters of Horror AREA 51 and now the award-winning Scare-Projects to bring you what will undoubtedly be the biggest, baddest… most horrifying interactive drive thru adventure in the UK!

Your 20 minute journey takes you miles deep into lost woodlands, where you’ll be immersed in multiple blood chilling scenarios along the way – the hideous creatures of the night that haunt this evil place will be your pursuers. We do hope you’ll be safe inside your cars.. time will only tell. If you follow the map and make it out alive then you’ll have one heck of a horror story to tell!