Mistakes that Birmingham business owners and entrepreneurs make on Instagram

The majority of business owners and start-up entrepreneurs count on Instagram. According to records, this social media platform has crossed a user base of 1 billion. No doubt, entrepreneurs and marketers consider this as an essential marketing channel for businesses. There are a few companies that are generating significant sales through tools such as an Instagram followers app. Many companies in Birmingham are still trying to find out the secret to make Instagram work for their brand and these various apps can help with that process.

With several social media channels and marketing mediums, business owners often get bewildered about which social media network to use for their business promotion. Over the years, Instagram has proven beneficial to most business owners and entrepreneurs. It helps in favorable ROI and also generates proper sales. Some companies often buy Instagram followers and likes to enhance their business promotion and expansion activities. The way it can benefit a business varies from one company to the other. Also, there are a few pros and cons to this as well.

Is your business ready for Instagram?

It’s misleading to think that every business is perfect for Instagram. The social media platform is mostly about lifestyle and other similar elements. Hence, sharing high-end pictures is essential on Instagram. It appeals to the existing and potential followers. However, on the other hand, if you are an enterprise SaaS business or a B2B company in Birmingham, the chances of generating more sales might get restricted.

Despite knowing this, there are a few B2B companies that want to have an Instagram account and connect with their potential customers. Even though it might not be the best fit for your company, you can always try to make it work for you. An honest attempt is still a smart move than not trying at all.

However, while doing that, there are business owners and entrepreneurs who commit a few mistakes. The mistakes are as follows:

  • The company feed on Instagram isn’t shoppable

A common disappointing aspect is that businesses or companies that are attempting to sell something on Instagram aren’t allowed to share clickable links of the products. The companies can’t share essential links beside the images. But today, there a few options like sharing product images, which has helped retailers to sell their products to the target customers.

  • There are excess steps in the conversion

Sometimes, a company’s product might have the correct hashtags, and even then, the customers might fail to check that out! Sometimes having excess steps to check out or book a product might lead to customer disappointment. Today, some of the leading online shopping portals boast a one-click checkout, which has played a crucial part in the success.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need to realize this – Instagram is mostly a mobile experience for the majority of the customers. And that has conditioned people to exercise less patience for your business website online. It indicates that you have to take into account all the customer perspective. Also, you need to know the ways to browse and purchase from the Instagram webpage.

  • Your brand doesn’t have much of Instagram stories

Today, several business owners overlook the potential of Instagram stories. It could be an excellent channel for users to relate to the brand. Also, Instagram stories help brands in Birmingham to gain new followers. But some business owners wouldn’t necessarily want to end up shooting a video. You can make use of stills and also develop the text pages for generating a story and add tags so that the post is relevant on Instagram. However, it is essential to notice that the post isn’t sales-driven or excessively promotional. You need to inform your customers about exciting facts, engage, and entertain them. You can make use of this feature to explain your brand personality and show all the appreciation to the ambassadors and followers.

Make sure to develop content that will resonate with the audience’s pulse and address their requirements.

  • There’s no need to emphasize excessively on sales

Instagram allows the people a platform through which they can see what the oner person is doing. There should be powerful messages and funny themes as well. People might not be able to comprehend what could go wrong based on their past experiences. But they can use a camera and create an entertaining video. Make sure to count on your imagination for the same, and you can see your followers increasing. Make your stories an exciting anecdote, instead of an indirect sales pitch.

There are several other mistakes that business owners make on Instagram. Avoiding these mistakes can help you gain more Instagram followers and likes. Today, there is an existing Instagram community that helps others develop and fine-tune any business idea. The community shares both the positives and negatives impact of the story. Here the people take part in healthy and organized discussions, even though they might have different thoughts and ideas. If you resonate with the mistakes mentioned above, take out time to address the same and find out the possible solution for it. You can also count on a social media strategist for the same.