Most popular burger chains in the U.S

Waking up way ahead of the third snooze of your alarm is not a practice confined just to the tired or lazy ones. It happens to almost everyone, and this very often leads into you chasing the bus, skipping a bath and a meal, and heading to further exhaustion. Revitalising yourself with a serum in such situations will appear to be the ideal way of getting back on the exuberant track. No such injectable serum has been developed to instantly fill you with the right amounts of joy, energy, and passion. But, what follows every challenge is a solution. Energy exuding foods then came onto the streets, lining up into a chain format to cater to the needs of the electric generation. 

As food chased the present generation to infuse within them the vital energy, the world gradually developed a propensity for the fast-food. Many countries developed various foods that sped up their cooking time to cease the hunger. Pizzas, sandwiches, hot dogs, shakes, and many cold beverages started taking over the tummies and hearts. But what better than a burger after a hectic day at work! Burgers have grown in time, from that slice of marvel to a beanbag-sized shocker. Although hundreds of impressive burger joints are being launched all around the globe, only a few have managed to link up their stores to weave a remarkable network.

Top burger chains in the U.S

9. Shake Shack

What started as a hot dog store developed into a burger joint, and has now hit the top list. Danny Meyer, the owner of the restaurant, decided to expand the territory as the temporary store pulled massive crowds. With his constant guidance, the store has grown from that position to a well-established burger joint in the U.S. Shake Shack is the most recent entry on this list. Shackburger is the major attraction of Shake Shack.

8. White Castle

Walt Anderson, the founder of this burger store, is believed to have brought the concept of mini-burgers into the market. With the advent of White Castle, burgers gained popularity with the term sliders tagged to it. White Castle has outlets in many countries, including Japan, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Mexico. The signature burger of the store, The Original Slider, was awarded the title of the most influential burger of all time. 

7. In-N-Out Burger

Harry and Esther founded the burger store back in 1948 when they were in their thirties, and even now the joint sustains its reputation. With surprisingly peculiar and exciting designs on the In-N-Out soda cups, fans of the store have multiplied with every passing decade. In-N-Out mapped its first store in California, and the store witnessed exponential profit growth in the subsequent years with their signature burger Double-Double taking the streets by a storm.

6. Steak’n Shake

Steak’n Shake was a fried chicken store, which graduated into one of the best burger joints in town. Gus and Edith Belt founded this store in the year 1934; back then, the store had not established credibility as a food store, and now it stands sky-high with the quality of burgers it offers. Steakburger is their signature burger.

5. Carl’s Jr.

In 1941, Carl and Margret Karcher launched this title by putting up a hot dog cart at Los Angeles. It gradually grew into a full-time sit-down restaurant that serves the customers with some large succulent burgers, and the Famous Star burger indeed developed into the biggest star attraction of the store. 

4. Hardee’s

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have the same parents, but with better management, the elder sibling was quashed down by, the younger one. Founded in 1960 at North Carolina, Hardee’s had developed into the fourth largest fast-food chain before the 2000’s hit. The Monster Thickburger allures the crowds into the juicy, saucy extravaganza.

3. Wendy’s

 Dave Thomas, who was a fast-food worker for Colonel Sanders, launched Wendy’s in Ohio in 1969. Wendy’s burgers in a short time attracted massive crowds and grew into one of the biggest chains in the U.S. Dave’s Single is the signature burger of Wendy’s. 

2. Burger King

The second-biggest burger restaurant chain in the U.S, Burger King, has thousands of stores. With numerous celebrities supporting the huge burger store, Burger King is the all-time sensation of the country. Whopper is the burger that attracts crowds into the aromatic stores. Want a bite of royalty? You can order from burger king restaurants and fill your hearts with joy. 


It is the most popular burger store in the country that offers some great delectable burgers. With about 8 million burgers being sold every year, McDonald’s has established its title to register inside the hearts of every wandering soul on the streets. Big Mac is the best and most preferred burger in McDonald’s. 


The world that sprints on wheels needs some great food to cease their hunger. Go for the best among these tender burgers, bite into the colorful explosion and get lost in joyful trance.