Most Unique Places in the World to Stay

Many travelers see hotels as a roof over their heads while they visit a particular town or city and enjoy everything it has to offer. However, hotels, motels, and other forms of accommodation don’t have to be boring rooms with beds. They can be magical tourist experiences themselves. If you’re planning a vacation somewhere exciting, you might like to explore some of the following accommodation types for an unforgettable experience.

Disney Star Wars Hotel in Florida

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re going to love the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel, owned and operated by Disney World. At this hotel in Florida, half of Star Wars hotel guests dress up, while some guests wear casual attire and soak up the themed atmosphere.

Regardless of your attire, you can feel like you’ve been transported to another galaxy. Meet new and familiar Star Wars characters, join your very own Star Wars story, and enjoy a personalized itinerary of Star Wars-themed events. It’s any Star Wars fan’s dream accommodation.

Bubble Domes in Northern Ireland

If you love camping because it allows you to get out in nature, but you prefer the creature comforts of home, combine the two by booking a stay in a bubble dome in Northern Island. These bubbles have entirely transparent walls, 180-degree uninterrupted views of the sky and surrounding green forest trees, and stargazing opportunities galore. You can feel like you’re camping but in a warm, luxurious bubble with a comfortable bed. While the $275 per night price tag is not budget-friendly for travelers trying to save money, it’s bound to be an experience you will never forget, making it worth every penny.

Cockpit Cottage in Costa Rica

If you’re an aircraft fan, don’t let your experience end as soon as you step off the plane at your chosen travel destination. Instead, consider booking a stay in an MD-80 airplane in Costa Rica called Cockpit Cottage.

Cockpit Cottage is an airplane lover’s paradise. It’s an authentic plane in the jungle with ocean views, accessible by a hanging suspension bridge. The interior has been enhanced from its traditional sterile materials with teak paneling. You can then rest your weary head after a day of traveling in the king-size bed in the cockpit.

Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel in Yellowstone, Montana

Yellowstone National Park is a popular tourist destination, with upwards of three million visitors annually. Spanning 2.2 million acres, visitors spend countless hours or even days at the park and still don’t experience everything it has to offer.

However, you might have more time to explore at your leisure if you were to stay at the Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel in Yellowstone, Montana. You’ll be able to sleep in 22-foot-high tipis just five miles from the park’s entrance and enjoy spectacular mountain views. All tipis come with heaters, but you’ll also be able to stay warm by gathering around a campfire with smores and wine provided by the property owner.

You don’t have to book a standard hotel room with four walls and a bed. No matter where you travel in the world, you’re bound to find a unique or special type of accommodation that becomes a memorable part of your travel experience.

Picture: Christian Lambert