Must-Try Jewel Changi Restaurants

If you get hungry while exploring Jewel Changi, then you need to know that the place offers plenty of excellent dining options. Below are just some of the best Jewel Changi restaurants that you should try if you do find yourself at this world-class airport.

Kam’s Roast

If you’re familiar with the first outlet of Kam’s Roast in Pacific Plaza, then you probably already know that they serve delicious food. But there are items in their Jewel Changi branch that are not available in the original outlet. They have exclusive gift packs and travel-friendly options in the Changi branch. For example, you can get a Roast Duck Travel Pack that you can take with you if you’re leaving Singapore. It’s also perfect as a gift because it comes in an exquisite box. If you love their cured sausages then you’ll be delighted to know that you can also get them in a gift box.

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Tim Ho Wan

This place needs no introduction, especially among those who love dimsum. Tim Ho Wan is a popular restaurant all over the world. Singaporeans love this place. In fact, there are a total of ten branches all over the island including the one at Jewel Changi Airport. So if you’re visiting Singapore, and you can’t wait to get a taste of Tim Ho Wan’s specialty dimsum, then you can drop by the Changi branch before heading to the city. This is the first and so far the only Tim Ho Wan branch in an airport. That says a lot about Jewel Changi.

Beauty In The Pot

Among the many Jewel Changi restaurants, there’s only one place to go if you love hotpots. And that restaurant is Beauty In The Pot. This restaurant has many outlets all over Singapore. So far, this is the only hotpot inside Jewel Changi. A must-try is the Beauty In The Pot Steamboat. This dish will set you back more than 1,200 SGD but it’s definitely worth it. It’s a healthy dish too because it contains healthy Chinese herbs such as ginseng, red dates, and wolfberries. It’s a good dish to try especially if you’re going on a long flight.

White Restaurant

White Restaurant should also be included in the list of Jewel Changi restaurants you must try. They opened their first outlet in Sembawang and they have a loyal following. Many people visit the original branch on a daily basis. Their outlet at Jewel Changi is actually their sixth and it is considered as their flagship branch. The most popular dish at White Restaurant is the White Beehoon. It’s a dish made with silky soft vermicelli noodles with seafood and other ingredients. It’s really a must-try if you’re visiting the restaurant. Another yummy dish that you should try is the Chinese Sausage Omelette. It’s thick, fluffy, and greasy, just like the way the restaurant’s loyal customers like it. It contains lup cheong or Chinese sausage, which makes this dish a favourite among meat lovers. It’s a decadent dish that will keep you coming back for more.