Why You Should Buy Rolex in Singapore

Singapore has many stores selling Rolex watches, watch palace being one of them. At the watch palace, one can find genuine and authentic Rolex products. Moreover, purchasing from this retailer gives you a five-year international guarantee. The employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge, technical know-how, and skills to handle the product. These people guide individuals on various available models and advise about the technical aspects of the Rolex watches. They deliver as much information needed to help you decide on what Rolex watches to buy in Singapore. Here are a few reasons why you should buy Rolex in Singapore.

1. Quality

Rolex has a history of producing high-quality products and Singapore is a materialistic nation that puts much effort and value to their Rolex pieces. From the movement to the case and the bracelet, Rolex ensures that everything is top class. Most importantly, the services offered before and during the buying process are also quality. According to Rolex, customer satisfaction is important for their success; hence they make the customers the center and heart of all consideration and processes. The decision to buy Rolex in Singapore assures you of quality products and good customer service.

2. Preparing the watch

Most people might be wondering what to do after they get the Rolex watch in terms of wearing it. This should not be a problem since official Rolex Retailers have experts and tools that help adjust the bracelet or strapping it to the perfect size that fits well and maximizes comfort. For a metal bracelet, these experts can remove or add links as necessary in the presentation box.

Before leaving the store with the Rolex watch, the retailer will prepare it for you to wear. They reset everything, including time, date, and day, and check the functions and the crown tightness. You will also have the user manual inside the presentation box with instructions on how to use and care for your Rolex. These retailers will also fill out the date and guarantee card to certify the authenticity of the watch. This makes it ideal to buy Rolex in Singapore.

3. Five-year international guarantee

Rolex usually conducts various tests on their timepieces purposely to ensure the pieces are precise and reliable. All official retailers in Singapore ensure that their pieces are precise and authentic. All the Rolex watches bought in the official retailers are given along with the five-year international guarantee. To buy Rolex in Singapore allows you to enjoy the five-year international guarantee.

4. Delivery

All Rolex watches are delivered in a presentation box that protects and keeps the bracelet inside it. Usually, a box represents a gift, and therefore Rolex chose to present their pieces with a box as a symbol of giving. The recipient is alerted of what lies within once they see the presentation box.


Rolex has always been one of the most luxurious and popular brands around the world. It is recognized and worn by prestigious groups. Rolex watches are made differently and come at different prices as well. One of the places to get authentic Rolex watches is in Singapore. In the official retailers, you can find genuine and reliable watches at affordable prices. However, before you buy Rolex in Singapore ensure that you know what it comes with.