National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain & Sir Mark Elder

The world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers – the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain – return to Symphony Hall, Birmingham for another electric and mind-blowing concert this summer. Sir Mark Elder leads this phenomenal orchestra in a mighty programme journeying through the overwhelming emotions of Mahler’s Ninth and the thrilling sounds of Tansy Davies’ new work, Re-greening. £5 UNDER25 tickets:

Friday 7 August, 7.30pm
Symphony Hall, Birmingham

A luminous, mesmerising energy makes every concert by the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers thrilling.

Re-greening, written by Tansy Davies especially for this brilliant orchestra, is performed without a conductor and completely from memory. With ritualistic focus the musician’s move, sing and play, visceral connections are made and musical currents crackle from player to player, awakening an ebullient Spring from her long Winter slumber. Following it, Mahler’s awesome, ‘affirmative love-song to life’ performed by 160 twenty-first century teenagers committing themselves totally to its turbulence and radiance will be a transforming experience.

Tansy Davies is one of the UK’s most inventive composers. Her music has a lucid, visual quality that engulfs the senses. Sometimes joyful and exuberant, sometimes brooding and mystical, it is always an exhilarating ride. It’s the perfect music then, for an orchestra of teenagers with bucket loads of spirit and a hunger to share their passion for music with everyone. Free from the usual stage confines, the musicians are in full focus for Re-greening. With exquisite playing they send reverberations straight from the heart to the ground below, summoning up new life.

Mahler’s Symphony No. 9 is consuming in its emotional intensity and these inspiring musicians pour themselves into it completely, driving through the tumult and anguish to reveal that hope will endure and life must and will go on. It is music that speaks directly to the soul. Life and all its joys and sorrows are encapsulated within it. There are moments of overwhelming grief but even at its bleakest a heart beats through the music determined to hold onto life and find joy.

It will be totally uplifting, totally inspiring, totally brilliant. Come and hear it. You will feel totally alive.

Oliver Condy, Editor of BBC Music Magazine, explains his recommendation:

The award-winning National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and brilliant conductor Sir Mark Elder make a formidable team.