Neurodivergent people are the future of the arts

Neurodivergent people are the future of creativity according to Spectra, a Midlands-based arts organisation that seeks to create professional works of performance art rooted in the idea that minds that work differently create new and exciting ways of working.

“Because neurodivergent creatives think differently, they see new and unique ways of creating,” explains creative director Kate DeRight. “By removing the barriers that the conventional ways of working sometimes build up, we allow this utterly innovative approach to flourish and produce quite radical performance. As a result, Spectra works with talented people to create accessible, deeply responsive, empowering creative opportunities and partnerships which place neurodiversity at the heart.” 

“1 in 7 people* that are currently working in the arts are said to be neurodivergent and many of those facing significant challenges to being able to do so according to a 2021 investigation by Neuk collective. These issues include:

  • Financial insecurity (as a result of respondents’ condition’s impacting on the ability to work)
  • Challenges in social settings e.g. difficulties in aspects of networking, peer interaction or events
  • Difficulties with administrative tasks and applications.

“Spectra is working to ensure that neurodivergent and disabled performers have opportunities to create and develop new types of performance that allow them to develop their confidence and voice, whilst providing a professional experience for artists who may still struggle to find work within the sector.”

Spectra’s latest show, Woods for the Trees, brings the outdoors in and features online performances where the cast, musicians and performers take you on a journey through the woods and back again. All this whilst your senses are awakened with a special sensory bouquet box delivered to your door.  

Woods for The Trees takes place on the 20th and 21st of January via Zoom, tickets are ‘pay as you feel’ (recommended £10) and available online at