New ‘Busby Cocktail Bar’ to open on top of the BT Tower!

Exciting news comes to us on the grapevine about a brand new cocktail bar which may be situated on the top of Birmingham’s BT Tower offering spectacular views as far away as Coventry Cathedral and Blackpool Tower.

The plucky team behind this ambitious bird brain scheme have allegedly nicknamed the new venue ‘Busby Bar’ after the 1970s British Telecom bird which appeared in TV advertisements at the time.

Jim Sparrow of ‘Tall Tale Ventures’ commented:

We have been looking for a perch for some time, and after discovering the top floor of the BT Tower was for rent, we jumped at the opportunity. There have been a few problems with the lift, which has created a bit of a flutter, but it all adds to the excitement of drinking 150 metres up in Brum’s tallest bird bath… I mean… cocktail bar!

Features will include a ‘Beer Bungee’ which allows craft ale drinkers to leap off the top of the building whilst attempting to grab a Busby Bar real ale on their way back up, and a hologram of Cat Deeley serving drinks, which is said to be designed by Kenny Baker the only Brummie actor in the original Star Wars movie (R2D2).

A grand opening ceremony will be hosted by ‘high-flying’ pop singer Sheryl Crow, who will be visiting relatives in nearby Bird End, West Bromwich.

Other events on the opening night will include a fantastic charity raffle, auctioning rare items such as: a locket of Chris Tarrant’s chest hair, a set of Carol Smiley’s false teeth which fell out on a visit to the Balti Triangle in the late 90s, a piece of Wriggleys chewing gum found stuck underneath former Birmingham City FC boss Barry Fry’s chair, one of Benny’s woolly hats from Crossroads, and a Bob Carolgees tooth pick.

Busby Bar is set to open some time in twelvty ten to compliment the other Tall Tale restaurant scheme ‘Pie in The Sky’ at the top of the Rotunda.