Outdoor home improvement ideas

Attention should not always be diverted towards the inside of your home. We agree it is always easier to make renovations inside of your home than outside. Outside home improvements can be a daunting and pricey task, however, sometimes these renovations can make all the difference. After all, an abandoned home exterior will only provide a negative image of the inside of your home! Stay tuned as we list a few outdoor home improvement ideas that will get you started on giving your home exterior the most perfect curb appeal!

Replace the front door

An outdoor home improvement task that may never cross a homeowner’s mind is to replace the front door. This is especially important if you reside in an older style of home and would prefer for your home to look more modernised. A steel door would be your best option when selecting a new door as they are sturdier and more contemporary looking than doors of fibreglass or wood material. This can be a costly project but will be worth it in the long run as a newer front door provides a 70-75% return on investment. If your budget is unlikely to expand to cover this project, there is always the alternative option to spruce up your front door with a new colour of paint for a refreshed look.

Install CCTV cameras

Looking to give your home a more protected and affluent touch? A CCTV camera is the perfect addition to your outdoor home improvement list! If you take pride in your home, or if your home is on the larger side, these devices can be extremely helpful. Did you know that when a burglar approaches your home with the wrong intentions, they are more likely to flee the scene upon realising that they are being watched? So not only are these devices a threat but, they also prevent burglars from coming back! CCTV cameras also give your home a modern and futuristic touch and imply that you take pride and control over your property. If you are looking to have one installed, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Titus Fire and Security today. Click here to contact the team.

Upgrade landscaping

Landscaping involves maintaining the property grounds and garden and bettering the area through a large variety of projects including cutting excess trees, installing artificial grass, monoblock paving, or planting shrubs or flowers. Overall, upgrading the landscaping of your home exterior will automatically spruce up the whole area. The options may be endless however, it truly depends on the services certain landscaping businesses choose to offer, as some may be more experienced and qualified than others. Therefore, it is vital to carry out research when it comes to the landscaping aspect of your home.

Add garden furniture/outdoor living area

A great, and modernised outdoor home improvement project is to bring your living area outdoors. Not quite literally, however, if you live in a country that experiences great weather all year round, it would be a wise choice to create an extraordinary living area outdoors as well as inside of your home. Although the majority of your seating may be placed in your back garden rather than your front, ensure that your furniture is clean and well looked after as you may have surrounding homes that look directly onto your back garden. But don’t just leave the outdoor furniture to the back of your home, ensure that the same effort is made to the front. Some simple furniture such as two chairs and a table can add a little something extra to a bare front garden and can also act as a nice sit-down spot if your neighbour ever happens to stop by.

Illuminate the outside area

We believe that illuminating your outdoor area is highly important as it shows affluence to the home, highlighting and accentuating selected areas, for example, directly above the garage door, the front door, or even the full home if they are placed on the roof overhang. If you visit a variety of different areas and neighborhoods, you will notice that newer built homes are the ones that have outdoor lighting features. Therefore, for a modernized touch, ensure to illuminate the outside parts of your home, and with the expertise of Family Christian Doors, your home’s entryways will not only be well-lit but also exude a welcoming and secure ambiance.

Add an extension(s) to the home

When we say extensions, this does not need to come in the form of a brand-new attachment onto one side of your home. Sure, it can most definitely be that, and home extensions are perfect for those families who require extra space but enjoy their home and would rather avoid moving. However, extensions to the home could also mean renovating your garage for an additional room kind of extension or even creating an outdoor bar or gym space in your back garden. It could also mean adding an outdoor kitchen if you have extra space outside your home. All of these ideas to extend aspects of your home for different facilities will not only add value to your home in the long run, but they can also be of benefit to everyone within the home and make the house feel larger and more advanced.