Ozzy Osbourne gets straight back to work on another 2020 album

Ozzy Osbourne is keeping busy this year, gearing up for another album after the solo release of Ordinary Man in early 2020.

The so-called Prince of Darkness has been battling health issues and, like many other rock stars, has been unable to tour the world like they usually do.

But he’s used the time away from the travel and the stage well. Ordinary Man will be followed by an album he is working on “right now”, according to his wife, Sharon Osbourne.

Ordinary Man

The album was Osbourne’s first in a decade. It relished contributions from Post Malone, Elton John, Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and other musical luminaries.

“Ozzy Osbourne is having an absolute ball on Ordinary Man, and he’s not afraid to explore corners of the graveyard he’s hitherto untouched. For someone who helped to invent modern metal, he’s held a stunning number of surprises up his cloak sleeve. This rollicking album is yet another,” NME wrote of the album. Kerrang, meanwhile, gave it an impressive four Ks.

Elsewhere with Osbourne

Those who have followed Osbourne across decades of his famed time with Black Sabbath, a lengthy stint as somewhat of a solo artist and his contemporary appearances as a popular father of the 21st-century lap up all the loveable rock star has to offer.

More of the life and times of the lavish lead singer will be revealed in Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne – a documentary about his exciting personal and professional life, set to premiere on September 7th.

Besides working on new music and the upcoming biopic, Ozzy Osbourne recently debuted a new line of merch that gives two fingers to coronavirus while also reflecting his own history with bats.

The Osbournes altogether

It’s an extension of the Osbourne legacy which has seen the whole family involve itself in the entertainment industry in various capacities.

An author, television personality and businesswoman, Sharon made a name for herself beyond being married to Ozzy. She starred in several reality television shows and acted as a judge on a few famous talent contests.

Son Jack Osbourne is also a television personality. He is arguably a bit more clean-cut than the rest of the can and professes a major interest in fitness and travel. He has three children of his own.

Then there’s younger sister Kelly Osbourne. She’s mostly in the news for being a singer-songwriter, model and fashion designer. Her political activism and charity work are also noteworthy.

Osbourne junior’s latest release

Eldest sister Aimee Osbourne just recently released a new single. She has arguably forged her career on her own, instead of piggybacking on the success of her parents.

Her latest track – Shared Something With The Night – is her first in four years. She said she wrote it while alone in New York.

“The song is like a My Bloody Valentine lullaby for the romantically tormented that struggle to sleep at night,” she told Rolling Stone.

“I hadn’t fully connected with who I really was and what that meant yet. Hung up on the outcome of someone else’s approval of me to determine my own self-worth. This weird little song was an outlet for a lot of uncomfortability at the time.”

My Bloody Valentine reference

My Bloody Valentine are a rock band from Dublin. They formed in the early 1980s and were active until 1997 before a decade-long hiatus led to a return in 2007.

Osbourne’s reference to them is a proverbial tip of the hat to their dream pop and experimental rock genre.

Whet the appetite

While fans wait for Ozzy’s new release, they can keep themselves entertained and anticipate by streaming Ordinary Man.