Roll the Dice – Solar Eyes

Following the success of their sun-dazzled 2022 EP releases, ‘Dreaming Of The Moon’ and ‘Alcatraz’, Birmingham collective SOLAR EYES launched into the new year with the psychedelic rock trippings of ‘Naked Monkey On A Spaceship’. To celebrate the trippy rockings they appeared at the Pandamonium! festival at Dalston Victoria and headlined a special BBC Introducing live event in Kidderminster.

Never ones to either knowingly stand still or unknowingly get their music soundtracking soccer action on the nation’s TV screens, Solar Eyes are already back with ‘Roll The Dice’, the second track from their imminent ‘Naked Monkey On A Spaceship’ EP, due for release on March 10th when they play these shows here:


(‘Naked Monkey On A Spaceship’ EP launch show)


Another tub-thumping call to arms in the midst of these troubled, rubbled times, ‘Load The Dice’ comes toploaded with that patended Chemical Brothers / Primal Scream mashed-up sound with the drive and swagger of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as well as a sly nod to the sonic mysteries of Messrs Morricone and Pizzorno.

Consistent, if ever-surprising support, has been forthcoming from Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Match Of The Day and Birmingham City FC as well as the rather more traditonal alt.rock channels such as BBC Introducing Hereford, BBC 6 Music and The Guardian. Little wonder that Blues fan and frontboy Glenn Smyth should be so upbeat about his cosmic beats:

“I wrote ‘Roll The Dice’ as a take-a-chance-on-yourself type thing. Like, no one is going to do it for you in real life – no one cares enough. You’ve got to go and make it happen. The man is always going to give you shit, so you’ve got to give him some back I guess, what do ‘they’ actually know!? It’s just the fear of the unknown that stops people and I really want to take everyone on a psychedelic journey to the moon and back.”