Rosie Tee – The Waterworks Session

Avant-pop composer/performer Rosie Tee announces the premiere of a special live session, captured in Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield – one of the Black Country’s most important buildings of industrial heritage.

Amongst the peeling walls, towering ceilings and old machinery of the 1800’s waterworks, Tee produces an intoxicating live show that amplifies the dexterity of her quartet line-up. Her imagist lyrics paint epic landscapes, where crystalline vocals are self-manipulated via coarse textures and interspersed with star-bright glockenspiel.

Joined with the expansive synth set-up of Piera Onacko, swarming bass from Dan Cippico and textural drums by Kai Chareunsy; together, the band blend woozy electronica with jazz sensibilities to create something both cinematic and intimate, their bold sound elevated by the large-scale industrial setting.

Through the enveloping natural reverb of Sandfields Pumping Station, The Waterworks Session from Rosie Tee is a spellbinding example of old and new converging to create something joyous. The session will premiere on YouTube at 18:00 GMT on Sunday 6 November 2022. Be sure to subscribe to Rosie Tee’s channel in advance here.

As a Broaden Production, the film was Directed by George Webster, produced by Bryony Simcox and the audio was recorded & mixed by Sam Baldwin from Town Studios. With thanks to Lichfield Arts for presenting the event in May 2022.


Rosie Tee is a Birmingham based composer/performer who forges an innovative, atmospheric blend of electronica, psych and avant-pop amongst the industrial backdrop of the UK’s second city. Her practice spans explorative songwriting, immersive sound-design and writing for largescale ensembles.

Rosie emits joy for the experimental. Her crystalline vocals meander between dark, forceful beats and fragile melodic contours. The sporadic movements of her synth-heavy sound anchored only by the use of striking, minimal structures.

Rosie collaborates closely with her quartet, touring across the UK with a line-up of vocals & glockenspiel, off kilter synths (Piera Onacko), swarming bass (Dan Cippico) and textural drums (Kai Chareunsy). Together, they ebb and flow between digital and analogue worlds, most at home on the stage of their intoxicating live performances.