Shaping Your Looks: 12 Fashion Tips to Make the Most of Your Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are classic items that belong in every jewelry box. Low necklines look amazing when you wear a fancy choker. Available in an array of colors and designs, there are chokers to match any outfit and mood. Discover 12 fashion tips to make the most of your choker necklace and look your fabulous best all the time.

Be a Flower Child

Flowers are an uplifting look at any time of the year, even when there is snow on the ground. Bring your bohemian side to life with chokers featuring flowers and natural elements. A flowery choker is ideal with long skirts as well as jeans. No matter how you express your inner flower child, there is a choker necklace to show off your vibe. Get a few online from Adina’s jewels to make your wardrobe blossom with possibilities.

The Perfect Pair

Choker necklaces look beautiful layered with longer necklaces. Choose designs that match or offset each other, such as flowers with birds or pendants that reflect a similar theme. Two necklaces have a dramatic flair while layering several chains has a luxurious feel. Start with an eye-catching choker, then add tiered necklaces to show off your sense of style.

Basic Black

Add a touch of drama to any outfit by slipping into a basic black choker. A thin black band is ideal for casual outfits, while a thicker choker is perfect for a night on the town. Choose from a variety of materials, such as matte black ribbon or a choker with sparkles.

Go Wide

A wide choker makes a notable fashion statement right away. Thin chokers have a delicate feel, adding a bit of mystery to any outfit. On the other hand, wide chokers are noticeable and bring a unique feel to any shirt or blouse. Leave the top buttons of a silky shirt open to reveal a thick choker with a glittering pendant. Strapless tops and gowns look more alluring with a wide choker necklace.

Think About Length

The right length is imperative to look at your best wearing a chicken necklace. If the choker is too tight, you will feel uncomfortable, and the skin on your neck will be pinched. When a choker is too loose, it does not make the same fantastic fashion statement. Choose a length that gives you breathing room but still fits closely to the neck, as a choker necklace should.

Wrap It Up

A wrap choker is an innovative look that shows the wearer is definitely fashion-forward. The beauty of wrap-around chokers is their versatility. Wrap it any way you choose to fit into the neckline of your favorite outfits. Dare to wrap it backward for a whole new look, especially if you don a backless shirt or dress. The best aspect of wrap chokers is they are flexible enough to match almost anything in your closet

Heavy Metal

Metal chokers are a trendy option for those who are daring enough to go beyond the classic choker. Typically made from soft materials, a metal choker offers a fresh new look for any outfit. Jazz up a pair of jeans and a v-neck t-shirt with a silver choker. Be a glittering glamour girl wearing a gold choker with rhinestones for a night on the town. Choose from chokers in gold, silver, rose gold, and combination metals to make your wardrobe stand out from the crowd.

Just Say Lace

The quintessential lace choker is what most people imagine when the necklace comes to mind. Lace chokers have been worn for generations by women of taste and distinction. Some have delicate pendants hanging from the center, such as pearls or other semi-precious stones. Others are basic lace in an array of enticing patterns. From flowers to sheer patterns, lacy chokers bring a feminine feeling to any outfit.

Sparkle Plenty

Every woman wants to be the center of attention at a party, and the right jewelry can make it happen. Sparkle plenty when you wear a glittering choker embellished with rhinestones, crystals, and other glittering elements. Evening dresses, silk shirts, wide-leg pants, and other wardrobe staples look even dressier when you add a sparkling choker necklace. Add a dash of color with stones in hues of yellow, red, green, and blue.


Dare to be different by wearing a lush velvet choker with your favorite outfits. You don’t have to be going anywhere special to don this timeless look. For generations, women used pieces of velvet to create gorgeous jewelry for themselves, with the choker being a familiar favorite. Today, this look continues to be popular because it is soft yet alluring.


Vintage necklaces come in a wide range of widths, lengths, colors, and styles. These old-fashioned chokers bring back the photos of yesteryear, featuring women in big hats and tight choker necklaces. Choose from any material, ranging from lace to velvet to leather. Many vintage chokers feature a thin leather band with a pendant of your choice. Select a necklace that shows your unique styles, such as a cross or star.

Rhinestones and Pearls

Two of the most popular ways to look fashionable are wearing rhinestones and pearls. Whether you combine them into a singular choker or have several featuring these elements, they are sure to bring something special to your wardrobe. Rhinestones provide the optimum level of sparkle without breaking the bank. They are ideal to wear with your favorite casual leggings or a mini-dress. Pearls bring to mind classic women who have a superior sense of style. Wear pearls with work clothing or your casual best to show you are a lady who knows what looks incredible.

Choker necklaces have been appreciating by women of style for generations. Learning how to choose the right necklace for your neck size is the first step. Once you decide on a length and wide, the sky is the limit! Select chokers that reflect your preferences and make your outfits stand out from everyone else in the room. All it takes to look at your amazing best is the right jewelry!