Shopping in Birmingham: The Best Places to Find Everything You Need and More!

Birmingham is one of the best places to shop in the UK due to all of the great stores that are on offer. Many people from around the UK travel to Birmingham just for shopping trips around the city centre and some of the biggest shopping centres there.

The great thing about Birmingham is that you can always find what you need. To prove this to you, we have put together some of the best places that you should shop in Birmingham. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get some guidance for your next trip.

The Bullring & Grand Central

If you are planning a big shopping trip in Birmingham, one of the best places to visit has to be the Bullring & Grand Central. This shopping centre has a wide range of food, drink, leisure and retail options for you to enjoy and you’ll be able to find everything you need and more. Whether you are on the hunt for some knee high boots by Dune or you are picking up some moisturiser from The Body Shop, you’ll not need to go far.

The Bullring & Grand Central is located near to Birmingham Moor Street and Digbeth Police Station. Make sure to have a closer look on their website for directions.

Kings Heath Vintage Flea Market

If you aren’t someone who enjoys large shopping centres that sell high-street brands, then you’ll probably enjoy shopping at a vintage flea market. You are in luck if you are headed to Birmingham as there are a few great flea markets on offer. We suggest checking out Kings Heath Vintage Flea Market if you want to find retro pottery, vintage clothing and even some furniture if you are on the hunt for some.

You’ll find this flea market over in Kings Heath near to Highbury Park. Make sure to give it a go.

The Mailbox

The final place on our list of the best places to shop in Birmingham is the Mailbox. This shopping centre first opened in 1998 and it has been going strong since then. Inside this building, you’ll find everything from residential spaces to retail, leisure and office blocks. There are so many great stores in the Mailbox which means that you’ll be able to find whatever you need there.

If you are planning on heading the Mailbox, you’ll need to go near to Birmingham New Street station and the Gas Street Basin.

When to Go Online

The great thing about Birmingham is that there are so many places to shop but these days, many people just shop online. While we would always encourage you to shop at your local high street or flea markets, sometimes you just need to go online. Say, for example, the shoe store didn’t have your size – you could go to their site and buy the pair that you want.

Always consider checking online as this will help you to find the best prices and the best locations to shop in. While it isn’t always good to shop online, sometimes it can be beneficial for you and the business.

Final Verdict

If you are planning on heading to Birmingham in the coming year, you should make sure to visit some of the spots on our list. All three of these locations will give you the chance to find whatever you need and explore a bit of Birmingham at the same time. Use our tips and hopefully, you’ll soon see just how impressive this city can be for those who love to shop.