The benefits of long term therapy

With all the talk of Coronavirus, the attention in the media across the world is most definitely on the effects of the virus and its infection rate, not to mention the many deaths that are happening right now.

For many, the anxiety which large swathes of the UK population currently face, will have been a reality for far longer and in some cases their entire lives.

Anxiety can come on naturally, as a trait in ones personality, or it can be through a traumatic life experience, or experiences. Physical health conditions can also be a factor, and of course drug abuse, and other addictions such as gambling.

Some will develop a coping mechanism, for when stress levels peak. These can be things such as regular exercise, socialising, work, or the great ourdoors, a

Research indicates that verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. Sharing your worries and anguish can help spread the load and also bring reassureance.

ABA Therapy has become a hot topic in the autism community. In this special guide, we discuss everything you to need to know.

However this is not possible for all, many people who suffer anxiety and depression either will not feel like reaching out, or perhaps do not have anyone they can speak to even if they did.

Life coaches like Mia Hewett can be useful in as much as they will help motivate the individual, and encourage them to focus on areas of their life that will bring the most pleasure and happiness thus pushing anxiety and depression down, this really is a great coping mechanism but it does not address the root cause of why we have these anxieties in the first place. Many claim to be life-coaches without having any real qualifications or certification.

Therapists, however, are professionally trained in psychology and how the brain works. They are trained to listen, and encourage the individual to self help and deal with their emotions with the hope that inner strength will come from that therapy, and enable the individual to live a more balanced and stable life, which in turn will help with the kind of tasks a life-coach will encourage, whether it be getting out for exercise or joining a club, changing the daily routine to build positivity.

Therapists need degrees and can spend many years training in every aspect of the mind, enabling them to understand and recognise mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders.

An individual does not have to go through a massive life event or trauma to benefit from therapy. Just talking with a professional therapist can help you to dissect your life, and help you work out ways in which to manage better the lows, to evaluate the reasons for the anxiety or depression and by understanding the root causes, it can be a starting point in tackling the issues long term, rather than fire fighting the problem each time it arises, to ensure certain triggers and situations are either avoided or managed with better understanding of how you handle those situations.

Whilst a life coach can help people build life plans to maintain better fulfillment day to day, therapy can be the platform which you leap off, a stable building block which you know will always be there no matter how bad things may get.